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Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron 1: 1: Block sports car in original size

Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron 1: 1
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A B ugatti Chiron is always good for superlatives. Speed, performance, price. The toy maker Lego is now adding another one. A Bugatti Chiron, replicated in original size with Lego Technic elements, fully functional and powered by Lego Technic Power Functions, with space for two passengers and a top speed of 20 km /h.

1.5 tons of Lego Building blocks

In total, more than a million Lego Technic elements were used, including 339 different ones. No part was glued, all just plugged in. The time for development and construction is put at 13,438 hours. The total weight is 1.5 tons. 2,304 engines together generate 5.3 hp and an estimated torque of 92 Nm. There are also 4,032 transmission gears in the drive train. Lego did not use its own components for the wheels and the Bugatti logo - the original rims of the Chiron as well as the original logos of the sports car manufacturer are used.

eger at over 20 km /h

The Lego Bugatti completed its maiden voyage on the VW test site in Ehra-Lessien, where also Bugatti carries out some of its high-speed test drives itself. The Lego counterpart did not manage 420 km /h like the real Chiron, but it was still possible over real 20 km /h. The speed-proven multiple LeMans and Daytona winner Andy Wallace acted as test pilot. He was enthusiastic, he had never believed in driving a Lego car.

Lena Dixen, Senior Vice President of Product and Marketing at the, was also enthusiastic about the successful implementation of the Lego Chiron Lego: “This full-size model is in many ways one of the first of its kind. Our goal was to go beyond the limits of our own imagination. For over 40 years fans of all ages have been able to test their creativity thanks to Lego Technic. You will be faced with construction challenges and asked to do more than just create new designs and develop new functions. Our Lego Technic designers and engineers from the factory in Kladno, Czech Republic, where theThe impressive models that are built for Lego stores and Legoland parks have done a fantastic job both in recreating the iconic shapes of the Chiron and in preparing this model for real journeys. '


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