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Legendary car advertising - Borgward advertiser Kurt Ochmann

Legendary car advertising by Borgward advertiser Kurt Ochmann
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C arl FW Borgward marched half a century ago not only technically at the forefront of the German automotive industry. His company was also strategically decades ahead of the competition. One of the main drivers in the public image of the Borgward world was Kurt Ochmann.

Corporate Identity for Carl F.W. Borgward's companies Hansa, Lloyd, Goliath and Borgward

Born in 1906, he entered the service of Borgward in 1933, who later possibly lost track of what his brands Hansa, Lloyd, Goliath and Borgward were concerned. Ochmann kept the overview for almost three decades.?

In the fifties of the 20th century, he was already pushing Borgward towards a corporate identity that he defined, a harmonious appearance of the Lloyd, Goliath and Borgward brands. What young creative people have to laboriously teach today was what Ochman already knew 50 years ago - the uniformity of the company's appearance in words, writing, images and sound.?

The man who owns his house near Worpswede Built ideas himself was a restless designer. Grandson Timo Hartstock: 'My grandfather drew practically all the time at home. He designed facades for Borgward, Lloyd and Goliath agencies, he tried to harmonize the lettering of these brands, he drew new work clothes for the employees of Borgward agencies, thought about the appearance of Borgward dealers towards the audience. But in between he designed lamps, houses, interiors - simply everything that interested him. '

The fairy tale for the 70th birthday of Carl FW Borgward

'Once upon a time there was a young man who was too keen to build automobiles. But while times were bad, he started modestly with a small machine. The beans were chopped, the road holding was still poor and there was a lack of it her in PS. But the young man did not let himself be discouraged. Finally he built the radiator and fenders, his workshop soon became a factory, and the first vehicle crept off the assembly line. The young man called it Blitzkar ren.

Like any ordinary lightning bolt, so did the lightning cart. Then one car followed another and the young man became boss. Now an eventful life began. In the hunt for success one could hear the pack barking incessantly. Meanwhile - the boss barked back. Yes, one was beginning to fear his(Isa) -bark. No matter how hard it blew from the south and west, the boss was neither Ford-blown by the strong storms from Cologne, nor by a hurricane from Rüsselsheim over-Opeln. Because he knew his people from Untertürkheim, whose good star haunted him on every street.

Even when the great Vau-Weh came over the world and whole flocks of cockchafer broke out of Wolfs-Burg, the customer bases were bare to eat, he kept his head up. The people of the dwarfs - the Goggos - soon knew what the bell had Lloydet. The number of pursuers was great. Even little Hans from Dingol started to try his luck. But luck and GLASS, how soon ... However, this saying did not immediately come true.

A PRINZ from Neckar came who always carried a shoehorn with him to get in and a can opener to get out of. Heralds of advertising strode in front of him, proclaiming in a loud voice: 'Woe to him who has a prince.' But nothing could shake the boss. When he was about to grit his teeth on a Ja-Nus, you noticed that it was hollow - and then it disappeared again into the type forest.

Even from afar, enemies came to the boss's friends rob by taking them under their southern fi (a) ttiche. Even the porters made life difficult for him. Those who like Hanover and love TEMPO, thought the boss, will ride the EXPRESS even better. And his Goli athlete ran away from them despite his three legs. Whatever the case - the boss didn't let any of his opponents fool him into an X for a (NS) -U.

When he looked at his Hansa, the first Lloyd (leuko) - he let it emerge vividly before his eyes and thought of the times when Alexander the Little conquered the world - then he felt justified pride. When the Türkheimers sent out their Borg-Wart to 'award' big people the Daimler star on the Benz, the boss said to himself: No car boom grows into the sky and landed a big coup on it by raising his youngest child Air bedded - which kept his rivals away from shock. He called it 'Coronareal Senator Carlos' and was pleased with the long faces of his opponents. They stood in front of the tower at the train station and mumbled in disbelief ... 'and it is still moving!' I hope that she will keep moving for a long time, dear Dr. Borgward, your advertising department. '

Ochmann's estate under the hammer?

That was Kurt Ochmann. The entire Ochmann archive, including unique items such as the never printed Borgward advertising posters, were opened on 7. Auctioned at the Seidel & Friedrich auction house in Ladenburg near Heidelberg in November 2009. It was the second auction of the estate of Carl FW Borgward following an auction in 2005. A unique collection of specimens from the eventful history of the mythical Bremen brand was thus dissolved.

What remains is a distant memory of Kurt Ochmann, who is a rare mixEsthete and marketing specialist represented. It was he who tried to convince Carl Borgward to finally merge the separate purchasing for the brands Borgward, Lloyd and Goliath.

But at that time the specter of conformity was still up to mischief. Today, however, Kurt Ochmann should basically have a monument. Because he was self-taught half a century ago, practicing what modern marketing strategists have to learn in expensive courses.


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