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Lavazza GTX-R: super athletes taken one step further

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Lavazza GTX-R
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D he further development of the two-seater is more evolution than revolution . A steel tubular space frame also forms the basic structure of the Lavazza GTX-R. Visually, the 4.19 meter long, 1.98 meter wide but only 1.04 meter high GTX-R is based on models such as the Pagani Zonda. The passenger cabin sits far in front, the nose crouches low on the road, numerous new spoilers provide more downforce, a removable roof section converts the Lavazza GTX-R into a roadster, and the long rear almost entirely belongs to the engine.

BMW-V12 with up to 620 hp

And this is exactly where the actual evolution took place. A V12 engine from BMW continues to beat under the body made of carbon fiber-Kevlar composite material, but this has increased in displacement and power. As a 5.4 liter vacuum cleaner with two-valve technology, the twelve-cylinder should now deliver 489 hp. With a displacement of 5.6 liters, four-valve heads and forced ventilation through two turbochargers, the V12 is supposed to put a full 620 hp on the rear wheels. In both cases, gear changes are made with an automated six-speed gearbox that initiates gear changes using a paddle on the steering wheel. The electronically controlled air suspension can also be adjusted directly from the driver's seat.

The 1,080 kilogram racer should be able to reach the 100 km /h mark in 4.6 seconds; the manufacturer does not provide any information on the maximum possible speed. The price for the Lavazza GTX-R, which is to be produced in small series, is also not mentioned.


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