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Largest electric car manufacturer in 2016: BYD clearly beats Tesla

Largest electric car manufacturer 2016
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N according to the Bloomberg analysis, BYD came to 102,500 vehicle deliveries in 2016 worldwide. Tesla says it has sold 76,230 electric cars. BYD's main market is China, Tesla sells most of its models in North America.

In terms of sales, however, the Californians are clearly ahead of the Chinese. According to Bloomberg estimates, Tesla made $ 6.35 billion in electric car sales in 2016, BYD made $ 3.88 billion in electric car sales.

If you added up the new alliance of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi, This would mean a total of 104,460 e-cars - and would be at the top.

Tesla Model S is best-selling electric car

Tesla also has Bloomberg information in the hit list of electric cars sold ahead. The best-selling e-car in the world should therefore be the Tesla Model S. The Nissan Leaf follows in second place and only in third place is the first BYD model, the Tang. With the Model S and Model X, Tesla has two models in the top 10, BYD has three models with the Tang, the Qin PHEV and the E6.

A total of around 700,000 electric cars are said to have been sold worldwide in 2016 . BYD has a market share of 15 percent, Tesla has 11 percent. For 2017, Bloomberg expects e-car market growth of 39 percent.


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