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Land Rover drives autonomously: Brits want to connect cars

Jaguar Land Rover
Land Rover drives autonomously
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A autonomous driving alone, i.e. an automatically driving car, is just one of the researchers’s milestones for the traffic of the future. Ultimately, the vision is to network all road users with one another and to exchange data. This is to avoid accidents. Jaguar Land Rover has now presented three new projects. The current state of affairs was presented as part of a research project that the British carried out together with the European development centers of Ford and Tata Motors.

Built-in right of way

With Advanced Highway Assist, a vehicle can automatically overtake other cars without the driver having to intervene. Electronic Emergency Brake Light Assist warns the driver if a vehicle in front suddenly brakes heavily, which is primarily intended to increase safety in poor visibility such as fog or heavy rain. Finally, many city dwellers would like Green Light Optimal Speed ​​Advisory. Networking with intelligently controlled traffic lights, the assistant recommends the optimal speed to swim with the 'green wave'.

UK Autodrive is a consortium of technology and automotive companies, authorities and academic institutions. They are working together on a three-year project on technologies for autonomous and networked driving. The project, supported by the British government with £ 20 million, aims to make the UK the leading center of excellence for the development and integration of autonomous and connected vehicles into society. UK Autodrive is also investigating other aspects of autonomous driving, such as operational and network security as well as public acceptance of connected and autonomous vehicles.


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