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Land Rover Defender Tuning: Full pipe - Landy with 500 PS

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Land Rover Defender Tuning
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W hat he has not already put up with all of the conversions have to, the angular Defender. For almost 70 years he and his predecessors learned to swim, dive, conquer swamps and climb glaciers. And there were always tuners who gave the old warhorse wings by putting engines with massive extra power under the hood.

Chevy small block in the Land Rover Defender

The latter topic is about the British tuner Urban Truck is currently offering particular consistency. The company from Milton Keynes in Central England does the main business with tuning parts and automatic conversions for the Land Rover Defender. With the Defender 'Ultimate RS', Urban Truck brings a complete model to the oligarch's taste.

A small-block V8 from General Motors from the LS range serves as the drive. The naturally aspirated LS3 engine, which has achieved some fame among other things as a drive for the Corvette, has a capacity of 6.2 liters and a funny 500 hp. This unit is extremely popular with converters around the world: the LS3 is relatively compact for a V8, the technology is very manageable in contrast to high-performance engines from Europe and the unit, with its literally comfortable liter output by today's standards, is considered 'bullet-proof.' '. Above all, however, the LS3 is really cheap - Chevrolet charges less than $ 8,000 for a complete engine with all assemblies.

In Urban Truck, the Chevy small block is married to a six-speed automatic transmission that can be operated at the push of a button. A double-flow stainless steel sports exhaust removes the exhaust gases, and 265/60 R18 Yokohama sports tires ensure contact with the asphalt. Urban Truck lowers the chassis by five centimeters, gives the two rigid axles new, reinforced stabilizers and converts the steering arms from rubber bushes to polyurethane parts. There are also Bilstein dampers for the chassis and steering. All of this is necessary to bring at least a bit of drivability to the Land Rover Defender, an ambitious undertaking especially with the short Defender 90.

Lots of plush and pomp for the inside

The appropriate visual appearance is also provided. Extensive body tuning including LED main headlights and additional lights integrated into the bumper, complete painting of the vehicle and add-on parts, but also the new radiator grille with RS logothe invested money information.

However, it gets really dramatic with interior syling: Quilted leather with decorative stitching, plus a leather cover for all interior parts up to the center console, Recaro sports seats and Momo sports steering wheel - the overall package would be in do not look bad on a noble roadster. The original purpose of the Land Rover Defender, to climb undaunted through rough terrain, should end up at the bottom of the priority list of future owners.

If you want an Ultimate RS Defender, you should have at least 119,000 euros left over - that's how much Urban Truck demands for the short Land Rover Defender 90 with the conversion described. Should it be the five-door Land Rover Defender 110 instead, the bill will cost 125,000 euros.


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