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Land Rover Defender: Landy production continues

Craig Pusey
Land Rover Defender
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K little consolation for Landy fans: the legendary British off-roader leaves into overtime. Production in Sollihull will continue for at least one month longer than planned, after which production may be relocated to a country outside the EU.

Defender production continues

As reported by the company, the end of production of the Defender has been extended from the end of December to the end of January. An exact end date has not yet been officially announced, but the company management is assuming that it will finally end after January.

The reason for the extended production phase is the unexpectedly high demand for the Land Rover Defender. When the British announced the end of their icon, orders skyrocketed. In the first half of the year alone, global sales increased by 29 percent and 11,511 Land Rover Defenders were delivered. In the entire last year Land Rover was able to sell 17,781 Defenders worldwide.

Land Rover Defender sales figures increased significantly

It is currently still uncertain whether the extended production will also affect potential German customers. The German Land Rover dealerships have recently stopped accepting customer-specific Defender orders; only stock vehicles and standard deliveries with specified equipment are available. The additional production could possibly free up contingents so that German customers can also order a Defender of their choice.

In connection with this message, Land Rover also announced what experts have suspected for a long time: Man is considering relocating Defender production to a country outside the EU. With this, Land Rover wants to manufacture smaller quantities of the Defender in the future - but only for fleet customers and not for sale in the European Union.

The successor to the Land Rover Defender is expected in 2018. Land Rover recently signed an agreement with the Austrian Magna Steyr group to manufacture Land Rover models not yet mentioned at the Graz location.


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