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Land Rover Defender 2.2 TD: This is how the new Defender drives for 2012

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Land Rover Defender 2.2 TD
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6 3 years is a ripe age, especially for a car model. So that it goes on for a while with the sprightly retired Land Rover Defender, it has now been redeveloped. From now on, the Land Rover Defender has a Euro 5 engine under the characteristic hood. The renovation campaign gives him another three years of approval, with the previous 2.4-liter diesel it would have been the end of the terrain from 2012.

Land Rover Defender 2012 with Ford engine

How Even the previous version is also the new 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine from the former parent company Ford. The Duratorq diesel from the commercial vehicle range has, however, been thoroughly revised at Land Rover. Especially with regard to off-road use, with a reliable oil supply even in sloping positions and improved sealing of the units for use in water.

A lot of tinkering was necessary to accommodate the components of the Euro 5 exhaust gas treatment. In order not to have to install the filter system under the car at risk of damage, the engine compartment has been redesigned so that the entire exhaust gas cleaning system fits in.

With the new one Year no new look

Externally, the new model year is unchanged, the three equipment lines remain for the eleven available models. In terms of performance, nothing has changed compared to the previous engine, despite 200 cubic centimeters less displacement, the 2.2-liter engine in the Land Rover Defender has 122 hp. The maximum torque of 360 Newton meters is served from 2,000 revolutions.

Nevertheless, the first aha experience is not long in coming: a turn of the key is enough. The four-cylinder falls into its idle surprisingly cautiously. Nailing the neighbors out of their sleep early in the morning - that was once upon a time. In terms of noise, the turbodiesel is a softie. Mechanical changes, for example in the turbocharger or the injection technology, are responsible for this. And significantly improved noise insulation of the interior.

The Land Rover Defender 2012 is much quieter

The latter leads directly to aha moment two as soon as you set the new Land Rover Defender in motion. No Landy has been so quiet before. In every rev and speed range, the new Land Rover Defender feels at most half as loud as its predecessor - the exact onesMeasurements get interesting. In the future, earplugs can stay at home even on long stretches of the autobahn, on the contrary: even at a speed of 120 km /h, a conversation is still possible at a reduced volume, where previously an acoustic hurricane of howling wind, engine noise, transmission and rolling noise raged through the car. A huge step forward.

In terms of responsiveness, the new engine in the 2012 Land Rover Defender is also a fine drive source. Already just above idling speed, he courageously accelerates and pushes hard. The drive has no real turbo lag. This means that even in high gears, there is a lot of thrust when necessary when an obstacle appears in the field or when overtaking is pending on the road. According to technical data, the acceleration values ​​should be on the same level as the predecessor, but the Land Rover Defender 90 we drove felt much more lively than with the previous unit, especially when pulling through. The typical Euro 5 behavior of holding the speed for a short time during gear changes is annoying. This is particularly noticeable when driving at low speeds when the gear is changed below 2,000 revs and the engine continues to turn. The Defender shares this behavior with many other current diesel models.

Land Rover Defender 2012 drives faster

The speed limit has been increased for the Land Rover Defender 2012. So far, the electronics turned off the juice at 128 km /h, which could be quite annoying on the highway. Defender drivers are not speeders, but this behavior is quite annoying. With the new generation, the limit has been raised to a practical 145 km /h, Land Rover cites changed tires as the reason for this.

The prices have been increased for the new model year, depending on the model version and equipment by around 700 to 1,100 euros. It starts now at 26,690 euros for the short ninety with a fabric roof, the 110 station in the highest equipment line SE costs 36,170 euros. Unfortunately, it is still not standard: ABS (in connection with the electronic traction control) costs a hefty 1,850 euros extra, it is still not available for the long 130 mm wheelbases.


According to the paper data, the performance of the new engine is identical to that of its predecessor, but it felt subjectively livelier and stronger during our trip. The real progress, however, is the considerably better noise insulation. This increases driving comfort considerably. Clearly: the best Defender for 63 years.


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