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Land Rover Defender 130 Crew Cab reader car: truck

Land Rover Defender 130 Crew Cab reader car
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W Why did I just choose a Defender? Well, there are actually only three SUVs that can be misused without falling apart: The only travel and support vehicles that come into question are Mercedes G, Toyota Land Cruiser and a technically modified Land Rover Defender - you can see from the Unimog, which is already out because of the long search for a parking space.

So I bought a 130 crew cab and released it for conversion. It started with the frame: the first 2.50 meters were reinforced at certain angles, as was the motor-gearbox mount. The rest of the frame is a one-off production by the Küchler company from Norderstedt near Hamburg - everything made of four millimeters of galvanized steel. The mounts for the reinforced axles including 100 percent ARB Airlocker locks have also been changed. A 320 liter diesel tank then fitted between the rear wheels and under the 28 centimeter lifted loading area. The chassis with special dampers comes from the company Old Man Emu. We have also put some work into the engine and transmission.

The 300 TDI now has an injection pump from Domröse, a charge air cooler that has been enlarged three times, a completely redesigned head, finely balanced connecting rods and crankshaft. The gear ratios were adjusted and an oil cooler from the Porsche 959 Dakar was used. So that we are safe on the road later, we had a roll cage built by Wiechers and installed two warning winches. In addition to the usual tools, there is also a compressor, a 35-liter compressed air tank, a 220-volt connection, welding machine, drill, cut-off grinder and vice on the loading area. So I should have a while now, not turn around to other cars and get through wherever I want.


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