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Land Rover & # 34; Transparent Trailer & # 34; concept: Transparent trailer

Land Rover
Land Rover shows 'Transparent Trailer' concept
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I I can see absolutely nothing, except for my own trailer! Anyone familiar with this problem will be pleased with the experimental solution that Land Rover is currently working on. The British have developed a system with which the trailer can be maneuvered more easily with the aid of a camera system.

Cameras as the basis for the 'transparent 'Trailer

The' Transparent Trailer 'prototype also uses the camera system (' Surround View ') that is already integrated in many Range Rover models. The off-roader has a reversing camera in the rear and small cameras in the exterior mirrors. This is supplemented with a wireless image recording device at the rear of the trailer.

This allows an image to be generated that fades out the trailer. This is then shown in the vehicle's rear-view mirror screen during normal driving. When reversing, the image is transferred to the infotainment display, with clear markings of where the trailer is.

Furthermore, Land Rover emphasizes, the system is intended to make overtaking easier. Where otherwise there is a huge blind spot, the driver now has a perfect view to the rear and can assess whether overtaking is safe. This aid could prove to be particularly useful on the motorway and prevent accidents.

'Cargo Sense' analyzes the precious cargo

Land Rover has developed another aid apart from the transparent trailer that is used while driving: An app that monitors the charging status of the trailer. How it works? Similar to the 'Transparent Trailer' - with a camera that is attached to the interior of the trailer. A pressure sensor mat is installed in the floor of the trailer that registers unusual movements and warns the driver if necessary.

If desired, the driver can have an image of the load projected onto his infotainment display. This seems particularly useful when transporting horses - because the driver normally has no view of the animal.

Apart from the display in the vehicle, the user can also install an app with which he can monitor the trailer. In addition to the video image, it can also be used to measure the temperature inside the trailer.

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