Lancia in Germany discontinues sales

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F CA boss Sergio Marchionne had already put it clearly in 2014: Lancia will be in future only concentrate on the Ypsilon and it should only be offered in Italy. Now it happened. The Ypsilon has been out of the German sales program since the end of April 2017, which anyway only consisted of the Ypsilon. The end was sealed with the expiry of the last dealer contract. Anyone who owns a Lancia will still be looked after by the dealers, there are no more new cars, apart from a few remaining models in the trade.

This means that another big brand name has left the German market. Let's look back a little. The brand was founded in Turin in 1906, and was incorporated into the Fiat group in 1969. In the absence of its own models, various Chrysler models were offered in Europe under the Lancia label from 2009. The Chrysler 300 became the topic, the Chrysler Voyager became the Lancia Voyager and the Lancia Flavia was a rearranged Chrysler 200. From 2014, the model range was gradually reduced to the Ypsilon. And it is now only available in Italy, where it is one of the best-selling models ever.

Lancia with many innovations

What is left in my memory? The first V6 engine that was installed in significant numbers in a production car came from Lancia - to be found in the Aurelia from 1950, which also used a trailing arm rear axle for the first time. As early as 1923, the Lancia Lambda was the first car with a self-supporting body. The legendary Juan Manuel Fangio became world champion in a Lancia-Ferrari D 50 in 1956. With the Stratos, the Italians set an example in 1971 for super sports cars and in the World Rally Championship. In the 80s, the Delta integral versions set scent marks in the compact class as well as in the rally scene, which were continued with the mid-engine athletes 037 and Delta S4. The Fulvia is also unforgettable, especially its coupé version from the 70s.

Of course, the Thesis, which was presented in 2001 and polarized with its extraordinary design, is also remembered. With the Y10, later Ypsilon, which was introduced in 1985 as the successor to the A112, Lancia plowed the field of luxury small cars to the end. Now it is only allowed to catch customers in Italy. In Germany he said goodbye quietly and secretly. Ciao Ypsilon, ciao Lancia!

In the photo show we look back at some of the highlights of theLancia history.


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