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Lancia Delta Futurista from Automobili Amos: New rally icon

Automobili Amos Lancia Delta Futurista (2018)
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I this is the old Lancia Delta Integrale or But the new edition of Automobili Amos, which is nicknamed Futurista? Even connoisseurs have to look twice to identify this dark green old-school athlete as the reincarnation of the former rally hero. The round main and fog lights. The extremely flared fenders. The angular roof spoiler. The Delta Futurista even took over the fiddly door handles from its ancestors. Only one difference is immediately noticeable: the Delta, built between 1979 and 1994, was, apart from the Group B homologation version S4, always on the road as a four-door. When he was reborn, however, he lost the rear side portals.

Euro as a real collector's price. In return, you not only acquire a desirable retro racer, but also the highest level of exclusivity. After all, Automobili Amos only wants to build 20 of the Delta Futurista. It will have its world premiere at the “Grand Basel”, a show in which only highly exclusive automobiles make it onto the list of exhibits.

The initiator and namesake of the project is Eugenio Amos - a man you can confidently call Can call car crazy. The 33-year-old northern Italian has already celebrated success in GT racing and is currently trying his hand at the rally slopes, including the Dakar Rally. Amos maintains a carefully stocked collection that not only includes an old Delta Integrale with a Martini look, but also such exclusive pieces of jewelry as a Mercedes CLK-GTR and a Ferrari F40. A company just exclusive enough for Amos ‘first own car, the Lancia Delta Futurista.


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