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Lancia at the Geneva Motor Show: Chrysler 300 becomes Flavia

Geneva Auto Salon 2020
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As a new flagship, the L ancia topic. The model is based on the Chrysler 300 that was introduced at the Detroit Motor Show in January. The sedan that will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show is 5.08 meters long and will initially be offered with three engines.

Lancia Thema without V8 engine

The petrol engine has a displacement of 3.6 liters and performs in the Lancia Topic 292 PS, the two diesels draw 190 PS and 224 PS from 3.0 liters. All of the units in the Lancia Thema have six cylinders, are coupled with an automatic system and drive the rear wheels. The V8 engine previously available from Chrysler will not be available from the Italians for the time being.

Grand Voyager at the Geneva Motor Show

The second US innovation in the Lancia range is the Grand Voyager. The MPV replaces the Lancia Phedra and corresponds largely the great Chrysler Voyager. 5.14 meters long, the van, which will be available from summer, offers seven seats in three rows, the last of which can be stowed in the floor of the car. A gasoline engine with 3.6 liters displacement and 283 hp or a 2.8 liter diesel with 163 hp work under the hood.

Chrysler 200 as Lancia Flavia only as a study at the Geneva Motor Show

Officially as a study, Lancia carries the new Flavia, which the Italians from Chrysler 200 and show it as a sedan and a convertible at the Geneva Motor Show. However, customers do not have to wait long for this, according to Lancia: “Production could start within six months.”

As a further innovation, Lancia is presenting the new edition of the Ypsilon at the Geneva Motor Show, which is already on the new platform of the upcoming Fiat Panda. The fourth generation of the city car measures just 3.84 meters, starts as a five-door for the first time in model history and is expected to hit dealerships in June. Lancia did not provide any information about the prices.

The Italians initially provided three engines to drive the Lancia Ypsilon: There is a two-cylinder petrol engine with 0.9 liter displacement and 85 hp, one1.2-liter engine with 69 hp or a turbo diesel that draws 95 hp from a 1.3-liter displacement. Thanks to the automatic start-stop system and partially automated manual transmissions, the diesel consumes 3.7 liters (CO2 emissions: 99 g /km) and the most economical gasoline engine has 4.1 liters (CO2 emissions: 97 g /km) .

Ypsilon at the Geneva Motor Show with numerous gimmicks

According to its own information, Lancia is targeting the luxury class among small cars with the Ypsilon. That is why the Italians have prepared, among other things, unusual color combinations and built in some extras that are rare in this class. For example, the Ypsilon can automatically park on request and uses a special tank system to protect bowls at the fuel pump from choosing the wrong fuel. If you want to see all Lancia premieres at the Geneva Motor Show, you should travel to Switzerland between March 3rd and 13th.


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