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Lamborghini meeting 2010: more than 200 Lambos in St.Moritz: raging bulls attack St. Moritz

Lamborghini meeting 2010: more than 200 Lambos in St.Moritz
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M orgens Shortly after eight o'clock, Formula 1 seems to invade Sankt Moritz. It's time for the European Lamborghini meeting 2010. The northern Italian multi-cylinder roars aside the mountain calm and bring the meanwhile anything but tranquil Swiss winter sports resort out of its weekend sleep. For three days, Sankt Moritz is Lamborghini-Land. Participants from half of Europe, India or Hong Kong want to be there when the Lambo community meets. Excursions, sightseeing flights and exchanging ideas - you like to be among yourself, but enjoy the attention of tourists and locals. Where can you see more than 100 Lamborghini models from various eras in one fell swoop?

The Supercar Club of India is visiting

Dilip Joshi traveled from Mumbai in India especially to visit the Lamborghini meeting in Sankt Moritz. He is on the board of the newly formed Supercar Club of India. 'I own several Lamborghinis and have heard of the meeting several times. So this time I just flew there. These great cars here and then the mountains are unbelievable,' says Dilip, beaming with his two Indian friends. A short trip to London was planned. 'But then we just flew past here,' laughs Gautam Singhania, chairman of the Supercar Club of India, 'it's a shame that the weather is so bad.'

More than 200 participants followed with their cars Saint Moritz. When the sun was shining three years ago at the last edition, the Lamborghini engines roared in competition with the rain showers. On Sunday there was a whopping 30 centimeters of fresh snow in Moritz - at the end of June.

Over 200 Lamborghini and ex-test driver Balboni came

For three days, Sankt Moritz and the elegant Grand Hotel des Bains were barely recognizable. The army of colorful racing cars roared up the Julier Pass, through the small alleys of the former mountain village, which has long since developed into the posh Mecca of the Swiss Alps. The participants come from all over Europe and mostly bring their cars to the high plateau on their own. Countach, Espada, Jalpa and Miura - there is much more to see for spectators and participants than the current Gallardo and Murciélago models. Many come to Switzerland with their old Lambo bolides and pit the former chief test driver Valentino Balboni as an expert for three daysTechnical questions of all kinds. Balboni, who has gone from being a test driver to a retiree with an embassy function, knows many cars firsthand - he broke them in himself. Here he looks under the bonnet, works on the fuses and quickly signs a few autographs. He's been a legend and superstar at Lamborghini - for decades.

Fashion tycoon Gautam Singhania loves Lamborghini and Ferrari

Like Dilip, fashion tycoon Gautam Singhania is in Sankt Moritz and for the first time for the first time at the Lambo-Treff. 'I own quite a few Lamborghinis. At home in Mumbai, I usually drive a Murcielago when I want to have fun. I also have a number of Ferraris. All great cars. I'm the first in India to have one Ferrari 458 Italia and I have already blindly ordered the successor to the Murciélago from my dealer. I want to be the first again, 'said the fan of northern Italian supercars in ecstasy. The three men from the Supercar Club of India are quickly as well known at the Lamborghini event as colorful dogs. They had team clothing tailored especially for the event - no problem. Multimillionaire Gautam Singhania is in the Indian textile industry and is already looking forward to the major Lamborghini event that will take place in August at Pebble Beach. 'I just heard of - I definitely have to go there.'

The 'donuts' that he conjured up on the lawn of the Samedan-Sankt Moritz airport with his borrowed yellow Gallardo, you shouldn't be too keen to see the golf course at Pebble Beach. In Sankt Moritz it looked very different. After all, Lamborghini had brought its own police patrol from near Bologna - in its own blue-light Gallardo, of course.


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