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Lamborghini Centenario in Geneva: 770 hp, 40 copies, 23.5 s for 300 km / h

Guido ten Brink /SB-Medien
Geneva Motor Show 2020
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Lamborghini Centenario is already sold out

So much for the good news, the bad news: The 770 hp L amborghini Centenario is already sold out - all 20 convertibles and all coupés - at a unit price of 1.75 million euros. They will be delivered by the end of 2017.

But let's not be socially envious and we are pleased that the forty lucky Lambo owners can look forward to a V12 engine in their back that keeps them running for 23.5 seconds Tempo 300 brings. And if necessary, the stoppers bring the Lambo to a standstill after 290 meters. For all data freaks, the technical specifications are in our table.

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Seat sample Lamborghini Centenario

If you find yourself in the dark carbon cave of the Centenario folds with the narrow bucket seats, you expect everything, but not: ' Hey, we have a new infotainment system including Apple Car Play in here, ”enthuses the Lamborghini man. Infotainment? The huge rev counter, with a scale of up to 10,000 rpm, is enough. enough to know what is really infotaint in this 770 HP madness.

Folded it once in the centenario and never want to get out again.

A little dreamily you flip on the rigid paddle , baked from carbon, of course, and imagine how you can use the V12 vacuum cleaner up to the speed limit of 8,600 rpm.Ausmostest. There isn't a lot of space in here, but the g-forces that are in motion should ensure that you shrink into the Centenario. As always, a red flap secures the start button - just so you can adjust a little bit to what happens when you start it. At least nothing that is even remotely socially acceptable. They built in all-wheel steering, which, depending on the speed and steering angle, virtually shortens the wheelbase by 25 cm (good for handling in tight corners) and lengthened it by 50 cm (good for stability at high speed) - that's the infotainment, on that it matters, or

Jens Dralle

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Open body with short overhangs

In Geneva The all-wheel drive Lamborghini Centenario is presented with a steering mechanism Rear axle in a body made entirely of carbon - customers can, however, decide individually whether they want their super sports car with the visible carbon fiber or in a specific paint finish.

Whatever the case e decide, the super sports car is an eye-catcher par excellence: the body is open, permeable and airy, combining the design with extreme aerodynamics. Wide air scoops in the front hood are intended to be reminiscent of the sports cars of the 1970s. 'The roof with its air scoops has taken over some features from aviation, which is underlined by the hexagonal engine compartment cover made of carbon fiber and glass,' said Lamborghini. The integrated rear diffuser dominates the end of the vehicle, as does the Y-shaped rear lights.

Y-shaped lights adorn the stern.

Telemetry data via the infotainment system

In the interior, Lamborghini makes the hearts of sports car fans beat faster. Sports seats made of carbon welcome the driver and front passenger, and the interior design also sees novel quilted seams throughoutLength of the dashboard, the steering wheel, the sun visors, the side sill panels and the new interior door panels made of carbon fiber and Alcantara. Functionality and networking should be the main features of the Centenario, including a navigation system with 10.1 inch touchscreen, Apple Carplay and internet access. Telemetry data can also be displayed on the infotainment system. The data collection has the recording of speeds, times, lateral acceleration and lateral forces, which can also be compared between different routes and different drivers. The driver can record his journeys with two optional interior cameras.

Lamborghini is not planning a hybrid sports car

'The Centenario will embody our definition of a hypercar,' Lamborghini's head of development Maurizio Reggiani told auto motor And sport already before the fair.

A hybrid sports car à la Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spyder or McLaren P1 will not be available from Lamborghini in the near future, although the Asterión has already presented a technology platform. The main reason: the high weight of the battery packs, which has an adverse effect on the driving dynamics.

Lamborghini is very familiar with potent special models: At the Geneva Motor Show 2013, the Veneno was already on sale, a super sports car limited to just 3 pieces Base of the Aventador shown. The 751 hp Veneno costs 3.3 million euros, and a roadster model was later launched in a limited edition of 9 for the same price.


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