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Lamborghini balance sheet 2016: new record levels reached

Charlie Magee /Lamborghini
Lamborghini balance sheet 2016
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D amit the Italians increased their previous year's result by 6, Exceed 5%. In 2015 3,245 cars were delivered worldwide. Overall, with this result, Lamborghini increased sales for the sixth year in a row ..

The bestseller in the Lamborghini range was the Huracan, of which 2,353 units were sold. In the previous year there were 2,242 vehicles. 1,104 vehicles of the twelve-cylinder Aventador were sold in 2016, in 2015 Lamborghini reported 1,003 vehicles. Interesting side aspect. Lamborghini built more of both series than sold. According to production statistics, 2,419 units of the Huracan were made and 1,160 vehicles of the Aventador. Engine production at Lamborghini was 1,200 units, the V10 engines are supplied from Györ, Hungary.

The strongest market for Lamborghini is still the USA, to which the Italians delivered 1,250 vehicles. Other important sales markets are Asia /Pacific and the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa), for which no figures were given.

The next record for the Italians is already planned, Because with the start of production of the Urus SUV, for which a new plant was built at the Sant 'Agata Bolognese site, total sales should double to over 7,000 vehicles.


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