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Lada 4x4 Urban: The Niva becomes a city dweller

Lada 4x4 Urban
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The little Lada was born as a Niva for tough off-road use. We later renamed it Taiga, but that didn't change its off-road orientation. Now the little Russian is drawn to 4 x4 Urban to the big city.

Lada 4x4 Urban with lots of comfort features

In order to be able to tackle the asphalt paths, the all-wheel drive Changed plastic bumpers in body color and a new grille. For a new level of comfort, the interior has been freshened up with new fabrics, the windows slide up and down electrically, the exterior mirrors are electrically adjustable and heated, there is also heated seats and reading spots for the driver and front passenger, a new steering wheel with good grip and cup holders in the center console .

In addition, the color palette was expanded to include the metallic shades of silver gray and coriander. The drive technology around the 83 hp 1.7 liter gasoline engine remained untouched.

The new Lada 4x4 Urban at prices from 11,990 euros. The normal taiga starts at 9,990 euros.


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