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Labor dispute: Conflict at VW subsidiary Seat settled

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Z Before that, those affected would have to do further training and then pass an aptitude test. Employees who do not accept the offer should receive compensation. Others are sent into early retirement. The unions withdrew their threat to strike again after the agreement.

Seat remains VW problem child

The automaker had the dismissal of 330 administrative and management employees was justified by the fact that those affected had proven to be 'poorly performing'. On the other hand, the unions saw the layoffs as a 'disguised reduction in jobs' for which, in their opinion, the approval of the Ministry of Labor would have been necessary. At the beginning of the week there were protest strikes in a plant in Barcelona.

Seat is at Volkswagen a problem child. While the group as a whole achieved a sales record against the industry trend last year, the subsidiary's sales fell by 8.6 percent to around 337,000 cars, mainly due to the slump in the Spanish market.


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