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Krumm Mini JCW (R56): 300 HP fire-breathing bullet

Krumm Mini JCW (R56)
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M it his thundered-up Mini John Cooper Works the The R56 series makes the new F56 look pretty old from Krumm-Performance. The current boss in the mini-stable, presented at the Detroit Motor Show 2015, is stingy with 231 hp from two liters of displacement and four cylinders, but he turns into a lapdog at the sight of the silver-wrapped cannonball of the Rhinelander.

300 PS for the Mini

Krumm-Performance does not save on improvements for the 1.6-liter four-cylinder from the R56 and grows it to 300 PS and 400 Nm. Quanto costa? 4,999 euros including installation. For the price, the mini specialist equips the JCW with a hybrid turbo, puts a downpipe after the charger, installs a racing charge air cooler, changes the spark plugs and optimizes the software Catches fire, Krumm Performance installs various heat shields. The Mini John Cooper Works is only allowed to play with fire at the end of the exhaust tract. There the little one likes to spit a few flames and if necessary also flambé the F56 - if it should come too close.

Drexler limited slip differential for better traction

So that the tuned mini with its 300 HP does not scrape in vain on the asphalt, Krumm equips it with a Drexler limited slip differential (2,150 euros plus installation). In any case, the tuner from Brühl trims the Mini for use on the racetrack. In addition, he donated a racing clutch (1,620 euros plus installation) and a KW chassis that was equipped with a Krumm Nordschleife setup (2,550 euros plus installation). The Power Mini is said to have crashed over the Nordschleife in 7:38 minutes. That would make it far faster than compact sports car like Renault Mégane RS, Honda Civic Type R or Seat Leon Cupra.

In order to be able to brake the Mini in the event of a disengagement, Krumm-Performance has put a racing brake system (4- Piston calipers 330x32 mm floating discs) at a price of 3,300 euros (plus installation). The Mini John Cooper Works R56 is optically pretzeled with a new front lip and a rear diffuser (600 euros). In the interior, the driver grabs a racing steering wheel and leans on Recaro seats.


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