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Kreisel Electric builds new battery factory: more juice for e-cars

Kreisel Electric builds new battery factory
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D as Austrian company Kreisel Electric broke ground for a new battery factory at the beginning of May, which is to be built in Rainbach near Linz. Construction will take place until 2017, after the opening the production capacity should be 800,000 kWh. This means that the equivalent of 33,000 Nissan Leaf could be equipped with traction batteries.

Like the American electric car manufacturer Tesla, Kreisel Electric relies on supplied standard cells for battery pack production. The company's competence lies in the construction of complete battery packs with a specially developed laser technology and patented water cooling. According to Kreisel, the batteries provide around ten percent more capacity and service life than comparable batteries from other manufacturers.

New turbo charging stations

Kreisel Electric sees another application in addition to equipping electric cars in the development of new fast charging stations. These should be precharged from the network with particularly large batteries in order to then shorten the charging times with particularly high charging currents. The charging station, which is currently under development, should achieve an output of 200 kW and thus 'fill up' a standard electric car in around 18 minutes - around twice as fast as Tesla's Supercharger.

Electric Yeti with a range of 350 km

Kreisel has already made a name for itself by converting standard cars and upgrading electric cars with self-produced batteries. The company has electrified a Skoda Yeti, which, according to the company, has a range of up to 350 kilometers, is powered by two electric motors with a total of 170 kW and can be fully charged within 2.5 hours.


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