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Koenigsegg: New Gemera factory with test track

Super sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg has presented its expansion plans. A new Gemera factory is being built in Ängelholm, Sweden.

In addition to the new factory with production facilities, a customer lounge, event and sales areas as well as an experience center and a test track are to be built on the site. Altogether there will be an expansion of the building area of ​​over 30,000 square meters in Ängelholm. Two years ago, Koenigsegg built an 11,000 square meter facility at the site.

Factory on fighter plane parking lot

The new production for the Koenigsegg Gemera is being built on a former open-air parking area for fighter planes and will be connected to the existing office buildings and the four former air force hangars and become a "high-tech production and assembly room" rebuilt, according to a statement from the manufacturer. Accordingly, future Koenigsegg models from this factory will also bear the Ghost emblem of the F10 Air Force Ghost Squadron, which was once stationed there.

The exterior design of the new Gemera factory is inspired by the accordion arrangement of old Swedish factories, where space and daylight are maximized. Inside is an open but expandable space that is geared for growth and will accommodate the Gemera program. The new track is designed for pre-delivery test drives and prototype testing.

Koenigsegg is looking for employees

For the employees, Koenigsegg is preparing the Valhall Park with green areas, fitness areas, canteen with outdoor terraces and small wooden conference and meeting tents. There will also be an 800 square meter experience center where the history and present of the car manufacturer will be told.

Along with the expansion plans now presented, Koenigsegg is also looking for new employees. By the end of 2023, another 100 engineers and 150 production employees are to be hired. This would bring the total number of employees to almost 800.


The Swedish super sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg is expanding at its Ängelholm site and expanding its production for the Gemera. There is also an adventure center, showrooms and sales areas, presentation halls and a test track for prototype testing. A modern working environment is created for the employees.


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