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Klassikwelt Bodensee 2012 - Market: Rolls-Royce for 9,699 euros

Kai Klauder
Klassikwelt Bodensee 2012 - Markt
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I n the private sales hall B2 is very busy. On the first day of the Klassikwelt Bodensee, hundreds of people willing to buy, strollers and families cavort between the wide range of offers. The more than 100 classics that are for sale here are spaced enough apart so that you can take a close look at them. Whether it's a bright Porsche 911, an original Austin Princess Vanden Plas, a tuned Fiat 500 or rarities like a Keinath C3 - there is a lot to discover on the private market of the Klassikwelt Bodensee.

New car from 1983

Incidentally, the Keinath C3 is a convertible based on the Opel Ascona C, of ​​which only 434 were built. The Ascona limousines were sawed open by the company 'Keinath Cabrio-Bau' in Dettingen in Swabia and converted into convertibles. The basic version of the Keinath C3 with 75 hp was available from DM 40,200. The model with the 90 hp four-cylinder offered at the Klassikwelt Bodensee has just 500 kilometers on the clock and has never been registered. The price is a matter of negotiation.

Even fewer kilometers are specified for a VW Beetle, namely 19. The 1986 model has a daily registration dated December 8th, 1986 and looks as if it is currently looking the showroom - maybe it is.

Rolls-Royce at a discount rate

Anyone who has always wanted to feel like a member of the aristocracy and has the right mobile vehicle for it is looking for, can take advantage of several opportunities at the Klassikwelt Bodensee. The cheapest entry into the world of wasteful use of leather and root wood is achieved with a 1981 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit. The right-hand drive vehicle imported from England with a mileage of 110,000 kilometers comes reassuringly with a new exhaust gas and general inspection. Air conditioning fans cool air, cruise control makes it easier to glide along and the lush leather interior is also suitable as a wellness oasis. This luxury car is available for 9,699 euros.

The same seller offers a 1967 Silver Shadow I as the ideal wedding car. The bride and groom can then open the huge Webasto folding roof to bid the wedding party stand-off. The price for the Rolls-Royce with 100,000 kilometers on the clock is 12,499 euros.

We show more offers in our photo show.


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