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Kia Sportage (2016) at the IAA: Korea SUV in China design

Stefan Baldauf /Guido ten Brink
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New Kia Sportage with Sorento cockpit

In terms of design, the new Kia Sportage, which was drawn entirely in the European design center, will be based on the KX3, a small SUV based on the Hyundai ix25 that is intended for the Chinese market. The headlights are high, the tiger nose grille is lower and is flanked by LED daytime running lights. The proportions as well as the roof and window lines remain the same in the new generation, while new narrow lights with modified graphics can be seen at the rear. There are hardly any changes in the dimensions. the new Sportage is 1.85 meters wide, the wheelbase has increased by 30 mm to 2.67 meters, and the overall length has increased by 40 mm to 4.48 meters. The front overhang increased by 20 mm and the rear overhang was reduced by 10 mm. The Korean measures 1.64 meters in height. When it comes to rims, the customer can choose between 16, 17 or 19-inch alloy wheels.

In the interior, the new Kia Sportage features elements from the recently introduced Sorento show. The cockpit has a three-spoke steering wheel with a round impact absorber, a dashboard with a large screen and next to it two upright air nozzles as well as the control of the air conditioning system via two rotary controls and a keypad. The central control element is a touchscreen that is available in two sizes (7 or 8 inches). New materials and fresh applications should increase the value. Improved insulation should benefit the noise comfort. A large panoramic glass roof brings even more airiness into the interior.

Overall, the new Kia Sportage should also offer more space in the interior - both for passengers and for luggage. The cargo volume grew from 465 to 503 liters. The luggage compartment cover can now be stowed under the luggage compartment floor.

Kia Sportage with 5 engines on offer

The safety equipment of the new Kia Sportage includes numerous airbags, an autonomous emergency braking system, a lane departure warning and a lane departure warning , a high beam assistant, a blind spot assistant, a speed limiter and a rear cross traffic warning. Other features include an electronic parking brake, inductive charging of mobile devices, a sound system, a reversing camera, a sensor-controlled tailgate and a keyless go function.

Depending on the market, the range of motors includes up to fiveEngines. The basic gasoline engine draws 132 hp and 161 Nm from 1.6-liter displacement. A turbo version has 177 hp and 265 Nm and is the only engine that can be combined with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission. The base diesel is a 1.7 liter with 115 hp. Above that ranks a two-liter turbodiesel in two power levels with 136 hp and 373 Nm and with 184 hp and 400 Nm. It is shifted by automatic or manual six-speed transmission.

The new Kia Sportage will go on sale in the first quarter of 2016. Prices have not yet been mentioned.

Stefan Baldauf /Guido ten Brink

Seat sample Kia Sportage

In the interior, a lot has happened with the generation change. The compact SUV makes a leap forward in terms of quality. 'When I go to the dealership and he opens the door, I don't want to be disappointed, I want to be surprised. It just happens that you spend most of the time inside the car,' says chief designer Peter Schreyer, explaining the importance of the interior.

A seat rehearsal is hotly contested on the corporate evening in the run-up to the IAA. Most of the seats are occupied. So keep your eyes open and at the right moment, without hesitation, slip into the comfortable leather seats. The first grip goes to the one below Flattened leather steering wheel. A sure sign that we are in the new GT Line.

Cleanly finished interior

The cockpit makes a neatly finished impression. The dashboard is horizontally divided in two. Easily recognizable by a small step. Above, the interior designers covered the dashboard with soft-touch materials. Below, on the glove compartment, hard plastic is used This runs through the entire interior.

The center console in piano lacquer tilts Kia ten degrees towards the driver. So that the pilot always has a good view of the touchscreen. 'The incline is not too strong. The front passenger can still see everything,' interjects Schreyer. Chic: The metal surround around the monitor and the ventilation nozzles.

The touchscreen reacts without annoying delays. Kia brings its navigation service up to date: with traffic information in real time, the current weather report and information about the region.

Not everything happens on the touchscreen. Below that, the designers placed 23 buttons, including the start button, as well as four rotary controls. A little much? Schreyer fends off. 'All buttons have their purpose. I find them practical and easy to reach. It makes a difference whether I just play on my mobile phone or whether I drive the car and have to operate the touchscreen at the same time. The distraction is greater. With the buttons, I have to You don't search. 'Very nice: the inductive charging station for the smartphone. Just throw it in and the device immediately draws fresh juice. The overview in the cockpit fits on all sides. The A-pillar that has become narrower at the front helps. The relatively large and to the rear Well positioned rear window.

Plenty of space in the rear

As an occupant, you immediately feel at home in the back seat. The seating position is comfortable. The head doesn't bump and the legs can be easily stowed away. Three people in the rear? Shouldn't be a problem. The Kia Sportage benefits from its three-centimeter wheelbase to 2,670 millimeters. 'The interior of the Sportage is adult become a ner. The impression of quality and the demands are different from those of the predecessor, ‚ÄĚsays Schreyer. We can agree to this after the seat rehearsal.

The next ones are already waiting. Get out of the car and in a few steps to the trunk. Click, hands off, the lid opens automatically. The loading sill is comfortably low. We are lucky. A man measures the flat surface. In width it is a little more than a meter. So two large pieces of luggage fit next to each other.

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