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Kia Ray Hybrid at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show

Kia at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show
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The K ia Ray has a plug-in hybrid drive with a 1.4 liter large and 153 hp petrol engine combined with a 78 kW electric motor.

Kia Ray: plug-in hybrid in coupé form

The 4.40 meter long Kia Ray offers space for four people and is based on the platform of the Kia Forte (the Kia Forte mild hybrid in the driving report). The study has lithium-ion polymer batteries, which should enable purely electric driving up to a range of 80 kilometers. In connection with the 1.4 liter petrol engine, the range of the Hybrid-Cars are even 1,200 kilometers. Depending on the driving situation, either the petrol engine, the electric motor or both engines are used. An automatic transmission transmits the power to the front wheels.

On average, the Kia Ray should consume between 1.2 and three liters of petrol Consume 100 kilometers. The concept vehicle draws additional energy, for example for operating the ventilation and air conditioning ( all IAA studies since 1987 ) about the solar cells installed in the roof. For the 1.85 wide and 1.36 meter high study, Kia mainly uses recyclable lightweight materials. In the lines, the designers deliberately avoided any edges in order to make the body of the Ray particularly aerodynamic. An LED light strip adorns the rear over the entire width and traces the contours. The sporty hatchback look is dominated by a long, flat rear window. A flat coupé-like roof with a large sliding glass roof stretches over the passengers' heads. The bulky-looking rear, like the completely clad underbody, should have a particularly positive effect on the aerodynamic properties of the study. At higher speeds, an extendable rear spoiler provides more downforce. Instead of conventional exterior mirrors, cameras in the Kia Ray provide all-round visibility. The mounted low-friction tires in the 195/50 R20 format are intended to minimize rolling resistance and thus also serve to save fuel. The Kia Ray should go up to 175 km /hbe fast.

Kia Ray: Four-door sports coupé at the Chicago Auto Show

Kia shows the Ray at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show as a four-door. The front gates swing forward, the rear ones swing out towards the rear. The interior is dominated by light-colored fabrics such as wool and leather, which are supposed to minimize heating up when exposed to the sun, which in turn requires less air conditioning and thus saves energy. The special coating on the roof should also contribute to this. The special infotainment system is operated via a touchscreen.


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