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Kia Ray EV: Small electric car for Korea

Kia Ray EV
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D he 3.60 meters long, 1.60 meters wide and The 1.70 meter high small electric car Kia Ray EV shares the body components with its conventionally powered brothers. However, the electric version is powered by a 50 kW electric motor that transfers its power to the front wheels via an automatic transmission with two driving modes.

Kia Ray EV initially only for authorities

A 16.4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack is hidden in the vehicle floor and under the back seat, which should enable a range of almost 140 kilometers. At a 220 volt socket, the charging time should be just under six hours, at a fast charging station refueling is reduced to just 25 minutes.

With its maximum torque of 167 Nm, the electric motor should weigh the 1,185 kilograms Accelerate the Kia Ray EV from zero to 100 km /h in 15.9 seconds and enable a top speed of 130 km /h.

Because the Kia Ray scurries almost silently across the streets as an electric car, it was powered by one Equipped with a sound generator that imitates the sounds of a combustion engine.

Initially, Kia only wants to produce 2,500 copies of the RAY EV for use by authorities. After the large-scale test phase, a corresponding small electric car could go into large-scale production in the next decade.


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