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Kia KV7 Concept in Detroit wonder box with lounge and double door

Kia KV7 Concept in Detroit
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T he Kia KV7 celebrates its public premiere at the Detroit Motor Show and gives an outlook on a van of the future. The rolling 'box' should combine maximum functionality and the space of an SUV.

Sporty panel van with gullwing doors

Externally, the Kia KV7 takes over 4.8 meters in length and over two meters in width In the shape of a van with rounded corners. In combination with short overhangs and a wheelbase of 3.1 meters, the access for occupants is very generous. The rear can be boarded comfortably, especially on the passenger side, as the B-pillar is no longer necessary and the conventional door has been replaced by a wing door that swings open.

Exclusive lounge atmosphere in the rear

The interior of the Kia KV7 offers flexible seating arrangements and storage options. But instead of being used for transport tasks, the study is to be used as a rolling lounge, which is why the Kia designers from Southern California arranged a seating area with three swivel chairs behind the front seats. Storage compartments and storage options can also be found in the tidy rear area, which is optimally equipped with multimedia, flat screen TV and internet connection. The choice of materials in the Kia KV7 is also luxurious with a floor made of teak wood and elements made of felt and wool.

The Kia KV7 should not only cut a good figure when standing. When the start button is pressed, the dashboard moves 15 centimeters towards the driver and ignites the new V6 engine. The 2.0-liter petrol engine with direct injection generates 289 hp by means of turbocharging and is supposed to drive the van dynamically. Powerful 20-inch models set sporty accents and the LED light elements and LED fog lights announce the study from afar.


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