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  • Kia K900 (2018): Seat rehearsal and market launch of the luxury sedan

Kia K900 (2018): Seat rehearsal and market launch of the luxury sedan

Kia K900 AWD (2018)
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D he Kia K900, which is offered in markets other than Ouoris or K9, is the Koreans' luxury flagship. The luxury liner was completely redesigned for 2018. The new Kia K900 will celebrate its world premiere at the New York Auto Show.

The new edition, which was created in collaboration between designers in Korea and California, is based on elegant flowing lines and geometric details. From the front, the K900 is very similar to the S-Class from Mercedes. The rear lights of the white painted exhibition car are framed in matt gray, plastic instead of chrome bling. The material is consistently found elsewhere on the body, the nameplate is also mouse gray on white, the light alloy rims are also painted gray. A look of its own, but metal would be more appealing, especially on the shiny chrome radiator grille, which also appears to be made of plastic. In any case, haptically it is a disappointment, especially in the center, where a transparent cover is supposed to protect the distance radar. The headlights and taillights use LED technology in keeping with the times.

Building on a new platform, the large Kia got 60 millimeters more wheelbase, which now measures 3,105 millimeters. The overhangs at the front and rear have been shortened, the K900 feels much flatter than an S-Class, looks stretched and slimmer, but also less present, more inconspicuous instead of ostentatious.

Seat sample in the new Kia K900

Nevertheless, the space in the large sedan is more than neat, if not wasteful. Above all, there is a lack of airiness above the occupants' heads, at least when they are over 1.80 meters tall. Of course you don't touch the headliner, but the luxury of lavish space is likely to be perceived by more delicate Koreans. They can adjust the individual seats in the rear in practically just as diverse a range as the front - even if they are in the back. At least the front passenger could be folded up from the rear, because switches for lengthways and backrest adjustments are placed on the side of the backrest of the front seat so that the driver on the right at the rear can also use the comfortable ones.

comfortably soft leather-covered seats and onedelight the skilful finish of the interior. Leather is also found on and on the dashboard, the center console and the door panels. The sparsely used precious wood looks artificial in between, despite the noticeably grained surface, the aluminum-colored switches on the center console and multifunction steering wheel are just as plastic as the rather profane black steering column stalk.

A 12.3-inch touchscreen sits on the dashboard, However, we were not able to examine its graphic at the fair. The instruments in front of the easy-to-grip leather steering wheel still have pointers, but numerous control elements should respond to approach and the ambient lighting can be configured in many ways. New on board is the shiny chrome chronograph from the Swiss watch manufacturer Maurice Lacroix under the infotainment display.

Overall, the ambience in the K900 is much more conservative than in the European luxury class. The Koreans, with their classic but not so high-quality switches, are still at least a generation away from touchscreen orgies such as in the Audi A8 - maybe that's just a concession to the more conservative clientele.

V6 biturbo and all-wheel drive

Also new on board is a V6 turbo engine, while the predecessor was allowed to have a V8. The Kia K900, which is based on the platform of the Kia Stinger, drives its 3.3-liter V6 biturbo. However, unlike the Stinger, the engine cover in the K900 does not say “GDI” - perhaps the sedan does not have direct injection. That makes the V6 in the Stinger 370 hp and above all 510 Nm strong. Gear changes are appropriately handled by an eight-speed automatic. A variable all-wheel drive with torque vectoring from Magna distributes the drive torque, which may be a little more generous in the sedan, to all fours, promoting traction. Electronically controlled dampers should ensure good grip and comfort suitable for limousines.

The new Kia K900 will continue to be built exclusively in Korea. It will then be available on the selected world markets in the second quarter of 2018.


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