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Kia Forte (2018): market launch, data, price, information

Kia Forte (2018)
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D he sportily drawn basic shape of the Kia Forte remains even after the Generational change received. What is new, however, are design borrowings from the Kia Stinger and the passenger compartment, which is positioned much further to the rear.

The cabin moves to the rear

This makes the bonnet longer and the overall appearance flatter and more dynamic. The face of the new Forte is adorned with the current tiger-nose radiator grille, which is framed with chrome clasps. The new front apron has enlarged air inlets on the flanks and a large lower radiator mouth. Here, too, more sportiness is invoked. The main headlights have also been adapted accordingly and made more dynamic.

The new rear is based on the front design by mirroring various design elements. In addition, the new LED lights have become flatter and wider. With the new lines, the new Kia Forte has also increased in length by a good 8 cm to 4.64 meters. The height increases to 1.44 meters and the width to 1.80 meters. Dimensions that also benefit the interior.

In the newly designed interior, the now horizontal orientation should also ensure a more airy feeling of space. The number of control buttons has been reduced, various functions are now bundled in a large, centrally positioned 8-inch touchscreen. The infotainment system communicates with Android and iOs devices. The ventilation nozzles are derived from the Stinger. The trunk volume has also grown to 427 liters (US standard).

Only one engine available

The only engine for the new Kia Forte is a two-liter suction gasoline engine with 147 hp and 180 Nm torque. It can be coupled with a manual six-speed gearbox or a newly developed CVT gearbox with programmed gears, called IVT at Kia. In terms of safety equipment, the Forte relies on a blind spot warning system, a lane departure warning system, an emergency braking system and adaptive cruise control.

The new Kia Forte is offered in the equipment levels LX, S and EX. It should start on the US market in the summer. Prices have not yet been announced.


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