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Kia Cross GT in Chicago: Study shows big Sorento brother

Kia Cross GT in Chicago
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D as the concept car is based on the Kia GT presented in 2011, a sporty luxury sedan with rear-wheel drive. The Cross GT is now a further development and should show the possibility and the design of a luxury crossover with its greater ground clearance and enlarged cargo space.

Kia Cross GT is big but dynamic

The Kia Cross GT was drawn in the in-house design center in California. The Kia Cross GT is characterized by short overhangs, slit-shaped headlights and an almost horizontal roof line. The stern closes vertically and flat. Nevertheless, the model is quite dynamic in the side view, not least thanks to the rising window line and the narrow window band.

In contrast to the 20011 study, the Kia Cross GT comes with all-wheel drive. On the engine side, however, the model has the well-known V6 engine with a displacement of 3.8 liters. A slim electric motor is also positioned between the conventional unit and the transmission. According to the manufacturer, the hybrid system delivers 400 hp with over 670 Nm of torque. The Kia Cross GT should be able to drive over 30 kilometers purely electrically.

Suicide Doors open the Kia

Compared to the Kia Sorento, the Cross GT has a wheelbase of 3,099 m, 39 cm longer. The length is 4.897 m (+ 21.3 cm), the width 2.009 m (+12.4 cm) and the height 1.659 m (- 4.1 cm). Kia fails to provide precise details about the cargo space. According to their own information, all four passengers and their luggage can easily travel in the Kia Cross GT. The rear passengers can enter the SUV via suicide doors. All four sit on single chairs that appear to be floating freely.

The driver is wrapped in a dashboard. In front of him is a small, handy steering wheel behind a large round instrument that shows the rev counter, speed and gear. Shielded by wooden applications, the dashboard is designed as a touchscreen. The control unit for the automatic is located in the center console, separated from the front passenger.


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