Ken Block: Don't take life so seriously

Hoonigan Industries is about to release the videos that Ken Block recorded just before his death. There is also a moving tribute video.

Ken Block, legendary and popular Gymkhana rider, died on January 2, 2023 at the age of 55 in a snowmobile accident . From 2008 Block had become famous with his creative and elaborately produced drift and stunt videos. Block co-founded Hoonigan Industries with Brian Scotto to produce and market his videos. Scotto has served as creative director for many of Block's videos. Now, the Hoonigan Industries crew has released a Ken Block tribute video on YouTube while also announcing the release of new Block videos.

In the tribute video, Scotto expresses the sadness and bewilderment of the entire Hoonigan team. They looked for words to say now, but couldn't find any. Block recorded some videos shortly before his death and they will be published soon. There will also be a big event for Ken Block fans in Los Angeles in February 2023.

Enjoy life - and family is important

Then Scotto announces the next video sequence: Six minutes from the life of Ken Block. Scotto emphasizes that you can see how Block lived life to the fullest. And that's what the whole Hoonigan team has now realized: you have to enjoy life to the fullest. In the video, Block performs famous stunts in various cars, rides his motorcycle and wakeboard, signs autographs with children, and spends time with his family to "Don't Slow Down" by Matt and Kim and "Coolidge" by the Descendents. This was particularly important to the father of three - much more important than his job as a stunt driver, as he once confided to moderator and car enthusiast Jay Leno.

Creativity - fun - and don't be...

At the end of the video, Ken Block himself has his say: "I think my only legacy would be that I like creative stuff and I like funny stuff. And I don't take life too seriously , but at the end of the day I'm trying to inspire people to be creative and have fun." After a short pause, he adds, "And don't be an A-hole."


Ken Block's Hoonigan friends say goodbye to the Gymkhana driver who died in early January with a moving tribute video. In the film, they announce the release of videos recorded shortly before Ken Block's death and a fan event in L.A. They also show excerpts from Block's life, which family man Block enjoyed to the fullest. This is also Ken Block's legacy: Enjoy life and don't be A-holes.


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