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KBR Motorsport BMW M3 Clubsport: Weight out, power in

KBR Motorsport
KBR Motorsport BMW M3 Clubsport
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B When it comes to weight, KBR Motorsport does not rely on lightweight construction, but omit. Because what is not on board weighs nothing. Accordingly, the entire interior of the M3 was cleared out. Back seat - out, panels - out, all insulation materials - out too. All that came in for this was two spartan Recaro racing seat shells with harness belts, a roll cage - for safety reasons - and custom-made carbon fiber panels on the rear side panels and doors.

V8 engine in the M3 Clubsport has 450 hp

The chassis was upgraded with Clubsport threaded components from the KW shelf and adjustable dome bearings. The 19-inch BBS competition wheels were fitted with Pirelli sports tires of size 265/30. The brake system, which has been modified with new discs and pads, should offer more braking power.

To make sure things get going, the naturally aspirated V8 engine of the BMW M3 has a new intake, new downpipes and a cat-free exhaust system with a modified front silencer and new software for engine and transmission. The eight-cylinder is currently expected to produce 450 hp and 440 Nm. An improved oil cooling system should guarantee stability. We are currently working on even more performance.

The look of the M3 Clubsport from KBR Motorsport is already final. Only carbon parts such as the front splitter, the exterior mirrors or the mighty Clubsport rear wing have been adapted.


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