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KBA measures higher CO2 emissions: up to two liters more

KBA measures higher CO2 emissions
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F two Audi A6 consumed two liters more than specified in the KBA test, reports 'Der Spiegel'. Jaguar XE, Mercedes C 220 and Opel Zafira, Porsche Macan and Volvo V60 consumed up to one liter more. According to the news magazine, the consumption of the VW models Polo, Golf, Touran, Touareg and Passat was more than ten percent higher.

VW corrects consumption values ​​

Manufacturers confronted with the issue did not want to comment: The basis of the measurement is unknown to them. Volkswagen announced that it would no longer use all options for measuring consumption and increased the consumption figures for the Touareg and Passat. VW has also corrected the Golf: According to the standard, the new 1.5 TSI even consumes a little more than the previous 1.4 TSI.

Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt ordered the CO2 measurements as part of the investigation committee into the diesel scandal. It was not about tests on the road, but on the test bench.

It has been known for a long time that cars consume more in real traffic than on the roll in an air-conditioned hall. In order to get realistic values, auto motor und sport determines the consumption of each test car on a set lap. The test consumption and the deviation from the norm of the 15 most popular models can be found in the picture gallery.


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