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KBA checks nitrogen oxide emissions: Post-test over 50 cars

Test: KBA checks nitrogen oxide values ​​in 50 models
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N Not only models are checked from the VW group, but also vehicles from other major manufacturers. When selecting the vehicles and engines, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) based itself on the registration statistics, but also included verified information from third parties about conspicuous pollutant emissions.

Increased NOx values ​​found

According to the KBA, the investigations include more than 50 different vehicles from domestic and foreign manufacturers with various diesel units, their pollutant emissions both on the roller dynamometer and through portable devices Emission Measurement Systems (PEMS) are measured on the road. Around two thirds of the measurements have already been carried out.

On the basis of raw data, up to now, in some cases increased nitrogen oxide values ​​have been determined under different driving and environmental conditions. The KBA leaves it open as to which models are involved and whether the deviations resulted from the test bench or the real emission measurements. In the latter, other organizations have already signed up to 6c-6d-temp-neuzulassung /'target=' _ blank '> measurements significant deviations upwards found. However, in discussions with the manufacturers and approval authorities concerned, this data must first be further evaluated. Only then can the KBA present legally reliable results, according to a message.

The photo show shows which models the KBA is examining.


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