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Karmann restructuring: EU millions for ex-Karmann employees

Karmann renovation
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Among other things, this is intended to finance retraining and training measures.

EU funds for qualification measures

The 1,793 former Karmann employees were employed in the Osnabrück and Rheine factories and had lost their jobs last year.

According to the European Parliament, the EU support is to be used ts, among other things, the transfer short-time work allowance and special qualification measures are financed. For example, unskilled workers should be given the chance for vocational training. In addition, they should be able to attend training courses and business start-up advice.

Karmann was in turmoil due to the crisis in the automotive industry and had to file for bankruptcy in April 2009. At the end of 2007, Karmann had 7,000 employees worldwide; in the summer of last year there were still 1,500. Volkswagen used to be one of the largest customers, but had not placed any orders with the supplier for years. In November, VW took over machines, systems and Land and founded a new subsidiary in Osnabrück. From 2011 on, a new G olf -Cabrio will be produced.


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