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Kalashnikov CV-1: electric station wagon against Tesla

Kalashnikov CV-1
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W ar Kalashnikov so far mainly known from the AK-47 assault rifle, the company is reorienting itself and developed what it claims to be the 'electric super car' CV-1. 'With this technology, we will be in the ranks of global electric car manufacturers like Tesla and their competitors,' said Kalashnikov. The range with one battery charge should be 350 kilometers, the capacity of the battery is 90 kWh. The electric motor output should be 220 kW, the sprint time to 100 km /h is estimated at 6 seconds.

style of the 70s with a large vehicle front and narrow slot headlights. The station wagon is apparently significantly lowered on wide tires with white multi-spoke rims. The rear appears with an externally flanged tailgate including a lock. The rear lights are located in deep, chrome-rimmed square holes, with the charging connection in the middle. All panes are blackened all around. The poor quality of the bodywork can already be seen in the pictures.

Kalashnikov has also been trying other business areas for many years - the Russians have a clothing line, umbrellas and smartphone cases. In addition, the Rostec concern, also affiliated with Kalashnikov, recently launched a state motorcycle called Cortege.


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