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JvB-moto BMW R nineT Scrambler: Café racer from the customizer

JvB-moto BMW R nineT Scrambler
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J ens vom Brauck from Cologne-Mühlheim has already many motorcycles remodeled. Now, on behalf of BMW, he was allowed to convert an RnineT scrambler into an exclusive one-off.

In the JvB look, the boxer presents itself as a mix of functional design and old-school style with a slight bobber aftertaste. In the narrower environment, the mighty boxer comes into its own even more clearly. For this purpose, the standard tank was made narrower and shortened by 6 cm. The bench, which has been moved further forward, only offers space for the driver. The stern was reduced to a small rump. A matt black round headlight is squeezed tight between the fork legs. Only a rudimentary remnant remained of the front fender. Bellows complete the retro look.

Newly drawn elements with integrated knee pads run below the tank. The raised Akrapovic stainless steel exhaust ends on the left. JvB stretches coarse tires on the cast wheels with massive spokes. Attachments such as indicators or mirrors were not used for the show bike.

After its appearance in Monza, the JvB-moto BMW R nineT Scrambler will be presented at other bike events.


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