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Jeep Wrangler Dragon Concept in Beijing: under the sign of the dragon

Jeep Wrangler Dragon Concept in Beijing
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A uch Jeep doesn't want to stand back in the ranks of concept cars, when the country’s most important auto show opens in Beijing. The Jeep Wrangler Dragon is specially designed for the taste buds of Chinese customers. It comes with plenty of black and glitter gold, extensive dragon decor and a pretty tasty chassis setup.

Jeep Wrangler Dragon Concept

After 2012 was listed as the year of the dragon in the Chinese calendar, the theme for the concept car was quickly found. Correspondingly, the Chinese dragon decoration can be found on the spare wheel trim, sides and bonnet, on the headrests and even on the inside of the bonnet, on a carbon fiber cladding Demand has opportunities for series production is the current Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited. Motorized with the new 3.6-liter V6 from the Jeep Grand Cherokee, with an extra-short transfer case and the reinforced Dana axles including locks, it is guaranteed that you can dance the kite off-road. Glossy black and gold bronze determine the color theme, including glittering seat cheeks and golden applications right through to the decorative rings for the fittings. The hardtop, exterior mirrors and extensions are painted in the same color as the car, the taillights are also blackened.

Dragon under the hood

The concept Wrangler is soled with 35 BF Goodrich MT tires mounted on black and gold 18-inch wheels. The seven-slot grill, like the headlight bezels, is also 'gold-plated'; the main and fog lights as well as the indicators have been replaced with darkened LED lights from the range of accessories. The last finish is dragon motifs on the floor mats and a hinged tank cover from the Mopar range.

China is Jeep's most important market outside of North America, and sales there increased by 81 percent in 2011. They are represented there with the complete range of models from the Patriot to the Grand Cherokee.


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