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Jeep Renegade 2019: first test, data, pictures

Jeep Renegade model year 2019
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D he compact Jeep Renegade gets a facelift and new petrol engines. For the 2018 model year, Jeep first revised the interior, now the extensive facelift of the 2019 model has been presented. The reason for the delayed update was the introduction of a new generation of the Uconnect multimedia system. It has now integrated Apple Car Play and Android Auto, so it can be linked to the driver's cell phone and provide additional functions. The Uconnect system delivers Jeeps with screen sizes of five, seven and 8.4 inches. The system also has voice control and offers a dictation function for short messages.

Now with smartphone connection

The white 'X' in the rear light has given way to a more subtle graphic.

The three- and four-cylinder versions are identical in terms of bore, stroke and cylinder spacing. They have been used as naturally aspirated engines in South America for two years. The three-cylinder achieves a maximum torque of 190 Newton meters, with the four-cylinder it is 270 Nm. A timing chain is used for the valve train. The three-cylinder only has a manual gearbox with six gears, the 150-hp version of the four-cylinder is always connected to a six-speed dual-clutch transmission, the 180-hp petrol engine always with a nine-stage automatic converter. All-wheel drive is only offered for the 180 hp engine, but as standard there.

Jeep Renegade Facelift 2019

The white 'X' in the rear light has given way to a more subtle graphic.

The beginning with first encounter makes the basic version with one liter displacement. The one-liter engine is conspicuously inconspicuous, which applies to practically all matters. When driving slowly, the typical three-cylinder growling is perceptible, but this is lost in the general driving noise at the latest at country road speed. Not because the Renegade is particularly loud, but because the noise insulation of the engine compartment is well done. When it comes to vibrations, the unit with the odd number of cylinders is largely restrained.

The power delivery is also more cautious. The light metal engine doesn’t have any lack of acceleration and works its way through the speed range without a bend. However, you wait in vain for a noticeable turbo boost, which is good in principle, because it speaks for the early and effective use of the charger, but it also feels a little bloodless. Wringing out the machine does not bring any advantages either, it has undoubtedly earned the name “basic engine”.

On the way without “turbo lag”

The bigger brother kicks in with a cylinder of a different character, that is noticeable in the first few meters. It's hard to believe that it should only be 30 hp more, because the 150 hp Renegade really gets down to business. When switching, you notice the even better engine running with barely noticeable vibrations, but here too the turbine-like power development without dents in the speed range. The dual clutch transmission does its job relatively well, but the slightly sleepy gear change times, even when the power is fully charged, is noticeable.

The chassis setup of the new Jeep Renegade is convincing.

The real consumption values ​​are interesting, the homologation data are not yet available. On our first, brisk test lap with city, rural and motorway driving (the latter with a maximum of 130 km /h), the on-board computer reported an unflattering 9.2 liters for the three-cylinder. According to the consumption calculator, the four-cylinder was more economical ...

Those who prefer to protect the environment through lower fuel consumption in the future can (still) use the diesel engine. The two Multijet diesels will get an SCR-Kat for the facelift date and, according to Fiat, already meet the stricter Euro 6 /D standard, not just Euro 6 /D-Temp Jeep Renegade. It feels very grown-up and skillful, as the smallest Jeep filters out even rough bumps. The steering, which is stiff around the middle and generally a bit indifferent, could use some fine-tuning.

Jeep Renegade 2019 from 20,700 euros

The refreshed Renegade with the new engines is available at prices starting at 20,700 euros for the 120 hp petrol version. For the 150 PS variant, at least 25,200 euros are called. The 180 hp turbo gasoline engine with all-wheel drive and nine-speed automatic is priced at at least 28,200 euros. The prices for the 120 hp diesel in the Renegade start from 25,200 euros. With 140 diesel PS under the hood, 31,200 euros are required and the top version with 170 PS diesel costs from 35,700 euros.


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