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Bond:' Where is my B entley ? ' Q: 'I'm sorry, it has had its day.' Bond: 'But he never let me down!' Q: 'Orders from M, 007 - they're going to drive this modified Aston Martin.' With this dialogue, the most famous car in film history is introduced. Major Boothroyd alias Q, chief inventor of the British Secret Service, shows James Bond (Sean Connery) his new company car. The Aston Martin DB5 made its first appearance in 'Goldfinger', and it is not least thanks to this car that the Bond mania really got off the ground with the third case by the top agent after 'Dr. No' and 'From Moscow with love' got going.

The Aston Martin DB5 - a secret weapon

The Aston Martin DB5 had everything a secret agent needs for the stressful rush hour traffic: Two 7.6 millimeter machine guns behind the front indicators, a bulletproof protective shield to extend in the trunk and an ejection seat for unpleasant passengers, operated via a secret button in the gear lever. There are also retractable metal blades for slitting opposing tires. The Bond makers also anticipated the navigation system in 1964: the Aston has a direction finding device including a map display on a screen in order to stay on the heels of malefactors. In 'Goldfinger' the Aston also sprays an oil slick at the push of a button, on which Goldfinger's pursuers skid in their pontoon Mercedes. In 'Fireball', where the Aston Martin DB5 reappears, a jet of water sprays out of the rear to get two rogues running up off the feet.

'I was the lucky guy who took this car on a tour was allowed to show - just like you do with real movie stars to promote a new film, 'recalled Mike Ashley, former Aston Martin Lagonda's European sales manager, in an interview. Ashley also showed the press many gadgets that didn't even appear in the film: a phone in the driver's door, retractable ram poles, a device for dropping nails or a drawer under the seat in which Bond could stow his weapons. A total of four DB5 with Bond extras were built. The noble oneSports cars toured all over the world, for example to the Paris Motor Show in 1964 and the US premiere of the film in New York. In France, Mike Ashley even fooled the gendarmerie. He raced past the police at high speed, who called their colleagues on radio. At the next roadblock, Ashley operated the license plate changer and was off the hook - law enforcement officers were looking for an English license plate, but the Aston now had Swiss license plates.

The Queen visited the Aston Martin factory

Soon the first TV spots appeared in which the Aston Martin DB5 had to advertise pants or car wax. In 1966 the Queen visited the Aston Martin plant in person, where, in addition to production, she of course also took a look at the Bond car on display. As a present for Prince Andrew, the Queen received an electric children's car in the Aston Martin DB5 design - complete with all the extras such as license plate changer and smoke generator. The blue blood should have curved with fervor through Buckingham Palace. For normal mortals, the Bond mania in the nursery was a little more modest, but there was hardly a steppe who did not at some point park an Aston Martin model car in his toy box.

The DB5 is the most famous Aston Martin

Because the gray Aston is inextricably linked with James Bond, long after' Goldfinger 'and' Fireball 'it played in Bond again and again Films, but mostly only appears briefly. In 'Goldeneye' (1995) the then freshly baked 007 Pierce Brosnan delivered a teasing chase with his opponent Xenia Onatopp in Ferrari 355 GTS. The fact that the old Aston Martin DB5 can outrun the racer from Maranello is of course pure cinema magic. The Aston Martin DB5 is the most famous of Bond's Aston Martins, but by no means the only one. When George Lazenby was introduced as the new Bond with the film 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' in 1969, there was also a fresh company car - the Aston Martin DBS. The successor to the DB6 hit a completely new design direction with its angular body. Initially the car was equipped with a six-cylinder, but in 1969 it was able to enjoy a powerful V8 engine.

The car, which in contrast to the Aston Martin DB5 was not equipped with any gadgets, brought no luck to secret agent 007: At the tragic end of the film, Bond's newly wedded wife Tracy was shot in the car. So Q hadn't even given the DBS armored windows. At the next Aston, however, the special effects experts were able to really let off steam. Roger Moore had to completely focus on the British noble athlete in his seven Bond flicksrenounce and drove the rough Lotus Esprit , but as Timothy Dalton in 'Der Breath of Death '(1987) made its debut as 007, the time was ripe again for an Aston Martin.

Pierce Brosnan drove an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

At the start, Bond crossed the area in an open V8 Volante. For use in snow-covered Czechoslovakia, the car is then made 'winter-proof' by Q - in fact, only the Coupé V8 Vantage was used. For Bond, the car was equipped with rocket launchers and retractable sled runners. Spikes on the tires provided grip on snow and ice, and Bond simply uses a laser beam to separate the chassis from the body of a Lada police car at full speed. Pierce Brosnan did not go away empty-handed either and drove to various BMW s in the movie 'Die Another Day' (2002) finally Aston Martin again. Q hands him the key to the V12 Vanquish , the noble super sports car with aluminum and carbon fiber body, 460 hp and a top speed of more than 300 km /h.

Seven Aston Martins for a James Bond film

Aston Martin supplied seven Vanquishs for the film, and the decorators had their hands full. The car has retractable machine guns, infrared missiles in the radiator grille and all-round armor. There is even an ejection seat on board as a tribute to the good old Aston Martin DB5, which Bond uses in a rather unorthodox way: When the Vanquish overturns on the ice, the secret agent catapults the car back onto its wheels with the recoil of the ejection seat. A special gadget could only be realized with digital technology, which is rather unsuitable in Bond films: an adaptive camouflage makes the Vanquish invisible at the push of a button. Q calls him the 'Vanish' (English for: to disappear).

The current 007 Daniel Craig drove the last Aston Martin in the films 'Casino Royale' (2006) and 'Quantum' of Solace '(2008). The new Aston Martin DBS V12 premiered in the Bond flick before it hit the market - that once again showed the British brand's deep connection with the Bond universe. The 517 hp sports car on an Aston Martin DB9 basis is, however, pushed extremely hard on the big screen. In 'Casino Royale' the DBS performs seven overturns in a spectacular crash. In order tostunt pilot Adam Kirley secured an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. However, the stunt team had to help out with an air cannon to tip the car over. During the first attempts, the DBS just didn't want to overturn and only skidded along the asphalt - the filmmakers hadn't expected the car to be extremely stable on the road. The action scenes of 'A Quantum of Solace' ran less smoothly: Two stunt drivers were seriously injured.

The new James Bond car has not yet been determined

Which company car James Bond in the 23rd film of the Series will pilot is not yet known. Something other than an Aston Martin, however, would somehow not suit the secret agent who always only enjoys the best of the best - with women, drinks, clothing and even with automobiles. And should James Bond ever become a dad - after all, it was enough for a wedding in a film - then the British would have a car on offer: The Aston Martin Rapide finally has four doors.


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