Jaguar XKX: The faster, the more energy

Marin Myftiu, Hussain Almossawi
Jaguar XKX design study
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D he two freelance designers Marin Myftiu and Hussain Almossawi were inspired by the legendary Jaguar E-Type for their artwork. In the side view of the XKX, the jumping Jaguar, the trademark of the brand, should be reflected. The headlights are reminiscent of the angry expression of an attacking cat.

In addition to the optics, the topics of lightweight construction, aerodynamics and energy efficiency are not neglected. For example, the Jaguar XKX is equipped with an electric motor that supplies itself with energy while driving. How it works? The outer skin of the car is covered with a pressure-sensitive surface that is supposed to generate electricity using piezoelectric cells. In doing so, it uses air pressure and friction that arise at the front of the vehicle while driving. The faster the car drives, the more energy can be generated.

Jaguar XKX with retractable exterior mirrors

The aerodynamic drag shouldn't be too strong. Because at the front, below the headlights, the Jaguar study is provided with extra-large air inlets. These should take in as much air as possible and direct it to the air vents behind the front wheels. The air flow slides along the side of the vehicle and takes the same shortcut through the rear wheel arches and then exits through the large openings at the rear. In this way, a large part of the drive energy is to be saved and the range of the electric drive is to be increased significantly.

Another well thought-out feature are the exterior mirrors of the Jaguar XKX. Here the two designers react to the susceptibility of conventional mirrors to damage. When the car is parked, the mirrors, barely more than an inch thick, fold up and disappear into a small shaft in the door. As soon as the car is started, they automatically extend again.

The two designers do not provide any further details about the engine. It is also unlikely that the Jaguar XKX will ever go into series production. However, the two designers hope that elements of the design will be seen in future Jaguar models.


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