Jaguar XFR in the interior check

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Jaguar XFR in the interior check
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' Design and driving behavior of a modern sports car with the performance and comfort of a luxury sedan ', the description for the Jaguar sedan the website of the British automaker sounds very promising. Even if stepping on the gas pedal is certainly one of the more attractive things about this car, we don't want to talk about the handling of the Jaguar XFR at this point, we are interested in whether the Jaguar XFR lives up to the status of a luxury sedan in the interior.

Jaguar XFR comes with generous standard equipment

It does not matter that the Jaguar XF that took part in the interior check is the R version with the 510 hp supercharged V8. All equipment details are available for every engine, right down to the 2.2-liter four-cylinder diesel. Only the price makes the big difference in the end, because with a basic price of 92,700 euros, the XFR is more than twice as expensive as the base model of the XF (44,900 euros), but it also comes with a generous amount of standard equipment.

In the interior of the noble athlete, eyes and fingers are pampered by a tidy cockpit world with a material mix of black leather, dark-tinted aluminum, carbon fibers and shiny chrome - as standard. As soon as the ignition is activated, the Jaguar XFR impresses with a gearbox-rotary switch-drives-out-of-recess-and-ventilation-grille-swings-open-show. Gimmick, but of the kind that underlines the luxury claim of the XFR.

Almost everything is operated via the touchscreen

The operation of the Jaguar XFR is also impressive - although it has been on the market in Germany since 2008 and was only able to benefit from the 2011 facelift in purely visual terms. Almost everything is controlled via the seven-inch touchscreen. Be it the setting for seat heating, air conditioning or the audio system, switching on and off various security systems, the telephone-vehicle connection, calling up vehicle information via the on-board computer and of course operating the navigation system - everything follows the commands of a reliable and responsive finger Screen relationship.

Entry is easy at the back and front. Big passengers should like the first row better, but apart from the tight foot space and the lower headroom due to the sloping roof, it can also be done in the rearTravel comfortably like in row one.

Jaguar XFR with sufficient space and variability

There is space for small items in the doors, in the glove and in the compartments in the center console. When it comes to storage space in the rear compartment, the Jaguar XFR doesn't have to hide from any competitor. The trunk can be opened remotely using the key, at the push of a button in the cockpit or directly on the tailgate and has a load capacity of 500 liters. If you need more, you can fold the rear seat back in a 60:40 ratio. Jaguar can pay for this little extra with a proud surcharge of 500 euros. The operation via the small pull levers hidden in the rear compartment is not optimally solved. The loading floor is largely flat, the loading sill height and the size of the trunk opening are also okay.

We have put together many more details of the Jaguar XFR interior in our large photo show.


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