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Jaguar Speedster Concept: Modern E-Type interpretation

Jaguar Speedster Concept
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G At Eagle in East Sussex it is otherwise about buying a Jaguar E -Type to be restored in as original a form as possible, a completely different idea was behind the Speedster Concept - they wanted to keep the classic, but bring it to the road in a contemporary form. The impetus for this was a customer request from the USA for a slightly different Jaguar E-Type.

Tuned engine, modified aluminum body

The basis for the Jaguar Speedster Concept therefore continues to be an original Jaguar E-Type Roadster from 1966. Its chassis was initially provided with new suspensions and damper elements as well as a reinforced brake system. The production engine had to give way to a 4.7-liter unit with 300 hp and 460 Nm torque, which was refined by Eagle, and the transmission was also replaced by a self-developed manual five-speed box.

Also on the body of the Jaguar Speedster Concept has been given a lot of work. The windshield was shortened and the A-pillars were cleverly hidden under a dark cover. The body height was also reduced - in return, the wheel arches were allowed to increase in order to create space for contemporary tire formats on wire-spoke wheels with central locking, which continue to look classic. In addition, the track of the Jaguar Speedster Concept has become significantly wider. At the rear of the Jaguar Speedster Concept, on the other hand, the license plate cutout was made significantly narrower. Overall, the newly formed aluminum shell made the E-Type look more masculine and powerful.

The Jaguar Speedster runs at a top speed of 280 km /h

The Jaguar Speedster also comes inside Concept is therefore modernizing. A wide center console separates the passengers, who find space in the sporty seating. It also hides the handbrake lever. Because lightweight construction was not neglected during the complete conversion, the 300 hp from the in-line six-cylinder only weighs 1,100 kilograms. This should enable the Jaguar Speedster Concept from Eagle to accelerate from zero to 100 km /h in just under five seconds. The maximum speed is given as 280 km /h.

The manufacturer Eagle does not provide any information about the price of the Jaguar Speedster Concept, as it is a hand-made one-off piece that was realized regardless of cost.


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