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Jaguar / Land Rover is weak: 4,500 jobs are to be cut

Jaguar /Land Rover is weakening
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W As the British carmaker is now announcing, around 4,500 jobs are to be cut worldwide, around 10 percent of its jobs. The changes are necessary to lay the foundation for long-term sustainable growth. It starts with a “voluntary” program in Great Britain, where the company employs around 42,500 of its 44,000 employees worldwide. In the past year, 1,500 employees had to leave the company.

Burglaries in China

Between April and September alone, the British had a loss of 354 million pounds (around 400 million euros). The buying mood of the Chinese customers has also declined significantly. In the period from July to September, Jaguar /Land Rover in China suffered a 44 percent decline in sales. The company cites the diesel crisis in Europe as another cause of the current weak sales, in addition to the upcoming Brexit and its unpredictable consequences Save 2.5 billion pounds in months (the equivalent of around 2.8 billion euros). The automaker has more than 40,000 employees, most of them in its UK plants.


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