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Jaguar Future-Type (2017): information, data, autonomous driving

Jaguar Future-Type for 2040
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W he is born in 2017, may have the Jaguar Future -Type drive when he is 23 years old - after all, the British are looking ahead with their study until 2040. Then the Future-Type should drive completely autonomously.

With the Future-Type, Jaguar assumes that there will be many people in addition to owners who will use the car as part of a car sharing. The driver can use the steering wheel he has taken home to pre-select the seat configuration of the Future-Type and have the car drive to the front door without a driver (see below for more on this). As a seat configuration, it is also planned that the front seats can be rotated 180 degrees, creating a lounge - similar to the Concept Car Renault Symbioz .

Thanks to the fully autonomous driving style of the Future-Type the safety distances between vehicles can be reduced while driving - while increasing safety at the same time. Because of its narrow width, which Jaguar has not yet specifically quantified, the concept car should also take up less space on the street and when parking.

Cars should stay stylish even in times of car sharing

The doors of the study open up to the front.

According to Jaguar design chief Ian Callum, it will also in the future there is a need for enjoyable driving, which is why stylish and comfortable travel will not be neglected even in a world with an increased proportion of car sharing. This is the context in which Jaguar sees its new future type.

Jaguar Land Rover is researching the mobility of the future up to the year 2040 as part of a Tech Fest. As visualizedPart of this outlook is the intelligent steering wheel “Sayer”, a central component of the virtual concept study Jaguar Future Type.

Similar to Google Home or Amazon Echo, the Sayer can act as a personal digital assistant who, for example, makes certain decisions via voice input Uses internet functions. The “Sayer” steering wheel is the only part of a car that remains in the personal possession of the driver; it is like the membership card of a service club that provides a car that is exclusively for the member or that is shared with other members of the community on request.

'Sayer' is more of a helper than a steering wheel

The 'Sayer', the removable steering wheel of the Jaguar Future-Type is also the car key and serves as an interface between People and the Internet.

The futuristic steering wheel is not used as a control unit for a vehicle in a world in which autonomous driving is popular however, it has other functions as well. It takes on the role of a helper and, thanks to artificial intelligence and voice control, can take on numerous functions such as route planning, alarm clock, appointment management, etc.

The brushed aluminum look of the 'Sayer' steering wheel with indicated handles on the back is Incidentally, named after the designer and aerodynamicist Malcom Sayer, who was responsible for the British brand between 1951 and 1970 in a leading position, among other things, for the Le Mans C- and D-Type racing cars as well as production cars such as the E-Type. The Tech Fest will take place from September 8-10, 2017 under the motto 'Technology with Heart' at the internationally renowned Central Saint Martins College for Art, Design and Technology in London.


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