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Jaguar F-Type seat rehearsal in Paris: key lock for the designers!

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Jaguar F-Type seat rehearsal at the Paris Motor Show
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The buttocks sit low, the belt line is high, the eye struggles to look over the red bulge of the Bonnet that spans the eight-cylinder and the black air outlets next to it. That's how it has to be. The J aguar F-Type is a real roadster, and only nagging journalists who have not understood the basic principle would like a slightly larger adjustment range for the seats and steering wheel. If you want more space, you should buy a Range Rover.

Jaguar F-Type with close comfort

You feel in good hands and protected in the F-Type, which ensures close comfort also the wide center tunnel, on which the round starter button is emblazoned in a very inviting dark brass look. The slide switch for traction control, which is designed in the same color, has the same effect as in a fighter plane. That's cool and creative.

However, the creativity of the interior designer has run out of steam a bit. Noble black piano lacquer shines around the automatic selector lever, but it is surrounded by dark gray and cheap-looking plastic switches for the convertible top and handbrake. The dark gray buttons for the window regulators also look out of place in the black leather door panels. But that's not all: The air conditioning has built-in metal buttons with rubber pads, which were obviously inspired by the footrests of a hairdressing chair.

Cockpit looks thrown together

Together with the three rotary switches for the air conditioning, the cockpit looks confusing and thrown together, the steering wheel is overloaded with functions. A key lock should have been installed for the designers in good time. Another thorn in the side is the strut that is pulled diagonally down from the dashboard to the right of the console into the center tunnel and separates the driver and passenger compartment like a taxi.

The trunk is jagged and except for one small depression in the middle rather flat. So at the end we sink deeply into the comfortable seats with good lateral support, close our eyes and dream of a more puristic evolutionary stage. It could then be called F1-Type.


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