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Jaguar E-Type S3 V12 6.1: Refurbished and heavily modified

E-Type UK
Jaguar E-Type S3 V12 6.1
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R restored Jaguar E-Type Models are always a feast for the eyes. But if a customer not only wants a newly built classic, but also wants numerous modern extras installed, then this E-Type becomes a delicious one-off. Orginality fanatics can stop reading here, everyone else can look forward to various extraordinary features.

Modernized V12

A Jaguar Series III E-Type Coupé rolled out the basis for the customer order from 1974 to E-Type UK in the workshop. It was brought back up to date according to all craftsmanship, but also modified. A V12 engine continues to beat in the bow. However, it was converted from carburettors to injection with individual throttle valves and largely open flame screens. In addition, the twelve-cylinder increased its displacement from 5.3 to 6.1 liters. On the test bench role, the V12 should deliver 290 hp on the rear wheels. He roars his love for life through a four-pipe stainless steel exhaust system in the middle under the rear. The gears are changed with a completely newly developed five-speed gearbox.

In order to master the force of the powerful engine, the standard chassis has been reinforced and additionally braced. The engine hood is supposed to meet the increased air requirement with additional ventilation openings. Sports steering was used for a better steering feel, a fully adjustable, more tightly tuned chassis and tighter stabilizers optimize road holding. An AP Racing four-piston system with enlarged discs on the front axle delivers adequate braking power. Above that, the British put special 16-inch wire-spoke wheels with central locking.

Luxury in the interior

In the interior, E-Type owners can use sports seats adapted from the XJS with a lowered seating position and Seat heating look forward. In order to be able to enjoy the newly built, modern audio system - in the oldie look - the E-Type has been extensively soundproofed. LED lighting provides the right lighting atmosphere, and air conditioning ensures the desired temperature. The V12 is brought to life by pressing the start button on the leather-covered center console. Piano lacquer applications spread around it.

Other features that the customer has requested include central locking with remote control, headlights with integrated daytime running lights and aEngine compartment lighting.

E-Type UK did not disclose the invoice price at which the E-Type was handed over to its owner.


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