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Jaguar celebrates its anniversary: ​​The British cats are 75

Jaguar celebrates anniversary
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B ebefore the British heir to the throne, Prince William, appears on the altar next summer , the United Kingdom has already got itself in the mood with another celebration: The traditional English brand Jaguar turned 75.

The first Jaguar was presented in 1935

To celebrate this event appropriately , the Jagar management and owners of numerous Jaguar models from all eras met in the famous London Mayfair Hotel, where on September 21, 1935 the first Jaguar SS 10 0 was presented by company founder William Lyons - at a time when the company itself was still S.S. Cars Ltd. was called. It was not until 1945 that the model name became the official company name. The history that the luxury manufacturer has written since then is as eventful as that of the English royal family. And whether the latest relationship with the Indian industrial giant Tata will be longer and happier than some liaison among the royals remains to be seen.

But since the former Opel and long-time GM Europe boss Carl-Peter Forster took over the management of the umbrella company Tata Motors, their survival seems to be assured. She undoubtedly deserved it, because the Jaguar anniversary drive from Coventry headquarters to the Goodwood Revival Festival brought together many of the captivating sports and luxury cars that were created under the sign of the big cat. 75 Jaguar owners with their magnificent cars accepted the invitation, and there is an individual story in every car and in every person.

A life for Jaguar

Simon Welch already owned five different Jaguar E-Types, but went on the maiden voyage with a Jaguar Mark II from 1961 - he only had the car a few weeks previously bought at an English auction. The entourage was accompanied by a man who is intimately familiar with the jaguar fauna: Norman Dewis, who turned 90 on August 3rd. The engineer has spent his entire professional life at Jaguar, was chief developer from 1952 to 1985 and was involved in the construction and tuning of all Jaguar models of this era.

As a walking witness of the times, the sprightly pensioner accompanies the Jaguar starting field on Saturdays Marched in front of Buckingham Palace at seven o'clock in the morning. As early as the 1950s, Queen Elizabeth II elevated the brand to royal purveyor and William Lyons to the nobility for his services to the British export industry. Finallythe international success was based less on technical innovations or the numerous race victories than on his unmistakable sense of style and the motto 'Grace, pace and value for money'.

Humphrey Bogart, Steve McQueen and Grace Kelly drove Jaguar

The performance of a Ferrari at half the price - even Hollywood stars get weak.
Clark Gable, Grace Kelly and Humphrey Bogart were among the most prominent XK customers during For the amateur racing driver Steve McQueen it had to be the particularly sporty and rare Jaguar XK-SS. No prestigious classic car collection today can do without a Jaguar, and the E-Type even made it to the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Such a glorious, unique past gives strength, courage and inspiration to lead the way in an uncertain future, because after the partying, hard work is the order of the day at Jaguar. Fortunately, it is not the only signal that every Jaguar is now 95 percent recyclable.


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