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JAC Refine A6: Audi A6 from the China copier

JAC Refine A6
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JAC Refine A6 costs only 22,500 euros

D he origin of the design of the JAC Refine A6 actually no longer has to appear in the model name . The front with the curved headlights and the chrome grille with the flattened corners make its origin clear at first glance. There are also some similarities at the rear, although the finish is not quite as elegant as on the Audi A6, the lights protrude further, the rear apron appears horizontal.

When the JAC Refine A6 hits the market in 2015 will come, it starts with a price of the equivalent of 22,500 euros. Well equipped, 31,600 euros are then on the receipt. For comparison, a basic Audi A6, which is only available in the long version in China, costs the equivalent of over 50,500 euros. This is fired by a two-liter TFSI four-cylinder with 180 hp. The JAC-A6 is also available as a four-cylinder with 170 hp with a 1.5-liter turbo. The top engine will be a two-liter four-cylinder with 190 hp.

There are only minor differences in size, too

Incidentally, the differences between the two cars are also small in terms of dimensions: the A6 measures 5,015 mm in length, the JAC 4,995 mm. The wheelbase is 3,012 mm for the A6 and 2,915 mm for the JAC. The height of the A6 is 1,455 mm, the JAC 1,503 mm, while the A6 is 1,874 mm wide and the A6 in the JAC version is 1,865 mm.

Recently, there was already trouble in China about the Landwind X7 . Jaguar Land Rover wanted to officially complain about the design theft from the Range Rover Evoque.


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