Iveco Z Truck: CO2-neutral with biogas

Uli Baumann
Iveco Z Truck
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D he Iveco show truck relies on sophisticated aerodynamics and autonomous driving and a drive that only burns biogas. All in all, this should create a sustainable transport system. The Z in the name stands for “Zero”. Zero CO2 emissions, zero accidents, zero stress and zero wasted time.

The range of the Z Truck is 2,200 km

The Iveco Z Truck is based on a bio-LNG ( Liquefied Natural Gas) powered heavy truck, the engine of which has an output of 460 hp and 2,000 Nm and is combined with an automated 16-speed gearbox. In addition, energy is recovered from the hot exhaust gas. The Z Truck carries 1,200 liters of LNG in two specially designed tanks, enough for 2,200 kilometers. This means that the Z Truck comes much further than conventionally powered heavy-duty trucks. The optimized aerodynamics of the Z-Truck contribute to this.

The single-seat Z Truck relies on a narrower cabin front and organic lines. The ascent to the driver's cab is designed as a slide-out staircase. Otherwise, the truck appears to be completely disguised, even a diffuser has been thought of.

Variable cab and intelligent tires

The Z Truck also relies on variability in the cab. A rear wall that can be moved by 50 cm enlarges the relaxation area for the driver and creates space for a fold-out bed, a desk or other furniture. The workplace is also designed in a futuristic manner. He is sitting on a swivel armchair and grasping an airplane-style steering wheel. A central display bundles all of the displays; monitors on the left, right and on the headliner project the rear view captured by cameras into the driver's field of vision. Narrow A-pillars and large windows improve the overview. Next to the driver's seat there is a touchscreen and a fold-out table. The entire driver's area is enveloped in a draft-free climate cloud so that the pilot has optimal working conditions.

Of course, the Z Truck can also drive autonomously - in the city and across the country. Route and speed are optimized using real-time information. The driver only has a control function. Michelin also contributes intelligent super smooth-running tires that use integrated sensors to provide temperatures, air pressure, wear and other data.


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