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Interview with Lexus Germany boss Selzer: 'We will remain an exclusive brand'

Interview with Lexus Germany boss Selzer
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Mr. Selzer, on the Geneva Motor Show you will present your future entry-level model for the first time in Europe , the CT200 h. What plans do you have with this Audi A3 -Competitors?
Selzer: The premium compact segment is currently developing into the premium segment with the highest volume in Europe. In Germany, it reaches a size of around 250,000 units per year, half of which are used by rental companies and fleet businesses; Lexus is hardly represented in these markets to date. We are hoping for good business with the CT 200h. Lexus models achieve a segment share of 1.5 to two percent in Germany. With just one percent segment share for the CT 200h we would double our total sales in Germany.

Because your sales in 2009 of 3,700 fell to a meager 2,200 units.
Selzer: Yes, that was a very difficult year for our sales partners. Because on average they only sold 55 new cars.

What do you expect in the current year?
Selzer: We will maintain the level - despite one Targeted reduction of Lexus locations from 43 to around 35. Because our new entry-level model will only be available at dealers in early 2011. Then we want to roughly double our sales and increase sustainably year after year until our dealers sell an average of 200 cars a year.

In 2006 you already had more than 5,000 new registrations.
Selzer: Yes, that was our maximum value. However, at that time German dealers still sold many new and used cars to Eastern Europe with good profits. Even without this extra income, Lexus will soon be back at this level to reach. Because time works for us. Lexus is the hybrid pioneer. The competition is slowly following suit, but Lexus will continue to drive ahead. The full hybrid is already not the exception in our model range, but the rule. Almost 70 percent of our sales are in full hybrid vehicles. In 2012 we will only sell full hybrids. The super sports car LFA is the last new Lexus vehicle without a full hybrid drive.

Lexus is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Germany this year. What can customers expect here? And which special models?
Selzer: A completely refreshed model range with three full hybrid vehicles and an already amazing range. 20 years ago Lexus started with the eight-cylinder LS 400 alone; today we offer the full premium portfolio: from the most travel-friendly convertible to the cleanest SUV, from four-cylinder diesel to high-performance V10 - and the LS is still our flagship

Since 1990 you have not sold a cumulative total of 43,000 cars in Germany in Germany. When will you break the knot? When will you be as successful as in the USA?
Selzer: Lexus reached the highest number of units in North America in the early 90s and has been the most successful premium brand there for years a gtm-article-text-link href='https://topgear-autoguide.com/marken-modelle/bmw/'> BMW and M ercedes . In the home market of these strong competitors, such success takes more time. We remain an exclusive brand here in a positive sense - for people who just don't want to drive the same car as their neighbors. As far as performance and design are concerned, we have long been on par, as far as technologies, reliability and customer service are concerned, we are better.


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